Interesting post coming from Luca Brecel team…

This has been posted on Faceook bu Luca’s team.

Hello everyone, it has been a while…
Some wonder when will the season start again 🤷🏼‍♀️?
Good news, 1st of June we’re back on the table. a new format of the Champions league is out!
Luca is planned on 2nd of June and faces Jack Lisowski, Robbie Williams and Oliver Lines in his group.
The only issue: how to get there 😰
Worldsnooker is arranging an exception to enter the UK for snooker players only 🤞🏼

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Here is a translation of the linked article (originally in Dutch)

With or without Luca Brecel? Snooker season resumes in early June

SNOOKER After a months-long interruption due to the corona pandemic, the snooker season will resume in early June. With or without Luca Brecel (25)? He does not know at this time whether he is allowed to enter England.

From Monday 1 to Thursday 11 June, the Championship League will take place in a new format and behind closed doors at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. That location was chosen because there is the possibility to accommodate everyone. Players, staff and officials will not be allowed to leave the complex. All 128 professional players received an invitation on the bus, the 64 highest ranked players who accept the invitation are admitted. This is on condition that they take a negative coronavirus test. Top players such as world champion Judd Trump (WS-1), Neil Robertson (WS-2), Mark Allen (WS-5) and Kyren Wilson (WS-8) have already committed.

In the first phase, from June 1 to 8, sixteen groups of four will be played. The sixteen group winners will play in groups of four on June 9 and 10, of which the four group winners will compete in the final group on June 11. All games are about four frames. For each participant there is at least £ 1,000 (1,100 euros) in prize money, the tournament winner will raise £ 30,000 (33,500 euros).

Luca Brecel (WS-37) also received an invitation. He is itching to get back to it, but a number of practical problems arise. “We do not currently know whether we are allowed entering England,” said father Carlo Brecel. Are the borders open? Do we get there by car via Calais? Can we fly from the Netherlands? And what happens on arrival in the UK? Should we then be quarantined?”

More questions than answers at the moment for the Brecel family. “We are waiting for further instructions from World Snooker, hopefully there will be more clarity after the weekend.” Just last week, the British government put a plan on the table that would require everyone to be quarantined for two weeks upon arrival in the UK. In addition, no exceptions would be made for professional athletes. Snooker is said to be the first major sport in England to return to live television since the outbreak of the corona crisis. .


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  1. According to my sources, Yan Bingtao says he hasn’t done much practice, and is not ready to play. Also, it seems that Lyu Haotian is back in Beijing but Fan Zhengyi is still here, but isn’t in the Covid Classic either. Some of the information on the WST site about the Chinese players appears to be wrong.

    Several other Chinese players wanted to come over, including Ding Junhui, Xiao Guodong and Zhao Xintong, but their VISAs have expired and the British Embassy is closed. Given the timescales that looks very bad for all the Chinese players regarding the World Championship. Good news for Joe Perry.

    • Thank you for those infos Lewis. Maybe Fan is in the same situation as Yan and didn’t feel ready. As he’s ranked higher than Jackson Page he should be in it if he had applied (in time).

    • British Embassy is closed ok, but frankly, given access to the relevant databases, this is the kind of work that should be possible remotely. I remember that in 2012 the Internet was quite bad in Shanghai, but that was 8 years ago, it’s Beijing, and surely “diplomats” must have access to the best available?

      • All of the Chinese players are on a 1-year Working VISA (hardly a Diplomatic VISA!), which probably expired in early May. Having missed this deadline, they have the 14-day quarantine rule coming in now. Apart from Ding, they have to be ready to play on 18th July. Realistically they have a month to get their VISA and find a flight. There have been bottlenecks before (last year several Chinese players were missing for the start of the season). Unless someone intervenes (which is possible) it’s not looking good.

        Yan Bingtao’s girlfriend tweeted a picture of him practicing at Victoria’s, but he’s said that was the only time he’s picked up a cue. Fan Zhengyi also has a key to that club, but it may be that they were told to stop during the lockdown. Fan’s a bit of a dreamy kid and his tweets are hard to decypher. It does seem very bizarre for them to have stayed here all this time and then not play…

  2. There is way too much bias towards the UK, or indeed England, from World Snooker for me.
    In his statement, Barry Hearn said: “We will be the first major sport to get back to live televised action.”
    Has he forgotten about the Bundesliga, or does he not consider football to be a major sport?

    There is way too much emphasis given to being the first or the only. It feels like that was the motivating force rather than just getting back to playing.

    Who cares if it’s the first or not?

  3. Right now it seems that the 14-day quarantine starts on the 8th, so he can still come… (And yes, it looks a little insane, why to start it in 2 weeks and not immediately…)

    • It doesn’t make any sense Csilla. At the worst of the pandemic, flights to UK weren’t stopped and people weren’t tested. Now, when things are getting better, they do this??? What for? Revenge? Because a number of countries are relaxing their rules, but UK and US are seen – rightly in my views – as problematic. Someone traveling in the UK is more taking a risk to themselves than posing a risk to UK citizens!

      • Actually there is sense to it, even on medical grounds! But let’s not have that discussion on a snooker site…

        Yes, Luca Brecel can return to UK and play in the Covid Classic. His biggest problem could just be finding methods of travel. I suspect the reason why two Chinese players haven’t accepted the invitation (despite staying here all these months) is because they don’t drive, and that’s the only viable method to get there. Hopefully that will be one of the things to consider when planning the upcoming events.

      • What surprises me is that none of the reactions I got so far is about WST allegedly seeking an exception for its players. That for me is the most puzzling part of this post by Luca’s team. It would make sense as this quarantine measure makes it even more doubtful that non UK players will be able to attend the World Championship, should it go ahead, unless it’s lifted pretty soon. Barry Hearn has worked hard to get something running, and apparently he’s still hopeful that it will work, but this late quarantine measure will certainly not help! On the other hand, should WST be granted such exception, it would create a precedent and make it more difficult for the UK authorities to deny the same kind of exception to other sports.

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