An update regarding events in China next season

A few days ago it was announced that no international sporting events would be staged in China except for some football and basketball.

Today WST published this statement:

We fully accept the directive from the General Administration of Sport of China regarding the restriction of international sports for the rest of 2020.

In recent years we have staged four tournaments in China between August and November: the Yushan World Open, Shanghai Masters, China Championship and International Championship. We are now working with our partners and promoters in China on rescheduling these events for 2021. Over many years we have built up excellent relationships with our many friends and partners in China and we will continue to work with them on building a successful future for our sport.

We are working towards a full calendar for the 2020/21 season and more details will be released when available.


One thought on “An update regarding events in China next season

  1. Early days with that one. What the WST and the CBSA need to do is to arrange a tournament for local players – a rescheduled Chinese National Championship would be suitable (Zhang Anda won it in Xi’an in June 2019). If they can convince the Chinese Government they can hold safe snooker events in a ‘bubble’ they may get some special dispensation to have international players come over, although the quarantine is a blocker.

    All this is going to disrupt the rankings somewhat, but the Chinese players who are at the moment in limbo (‘snookered’ in China) may find their ranking doesn’t recover until 2023. Players like Li Hang and Yuan Sijun may be relegated next year if they can’t get back to the UK in 2020. I have a solution by needless to say it doesn’t involve ‘money lists’…

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