2020/21 European Series Announcement

WST has posted this this morning on their site:

The BetVictor European Series will return in the upcoming World Snooker Tour campaign.

The series operates with a unique ranking list over four events, with the player earning the most prize money pocketing a bumper bonus of £150,000. Last season, world number one Judd Trump secured the lucrative payout, after wins at the BetVictor German Masters and the BetVictor Gibraltar Open.

The four events this season are:

  • 2021 BetVictor German Masters (Dates TBC)
  • 2021 BetVictor Gibraltar Open (Dates TBC)
  • 2021 BetVictor Shoot Out (Dates TBC)
  • 2021 BetVictor Welsh Open (Dates TBC)

One change from last season’s series sees the BetVictor Welsh Open, which will also remain a Home Nations event, replace the European Masters.

The BetVictor Shoot Out was originally set to run from 29th October to November 1st. However, it has now been rescheduled to 2021. We will announce dates for all of the events in due course.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn said: “We are absolutely thrilled to announce the continuation of this brilliant series. BetVictor are a fantastic sponsor and we love working alongside them. The support they continue to show snooker in these uncertain times is superb.

“I was gripped by last season’s BetVictor European Series and the cream rose to the top, with world number one Judd Trump claiming the £150,000 bonus. We will continue to incentivise players to enter events and reward them with opportunities to boost their prize money. I eagerly anticipate watching this intriguing series play out again this season.”

That the European Masters is not part of the European Series is a bit strange really. It could be because it’s not going to be sponsored by BetVictor. It could also be that the tournament itself – or its scheduling is in doubt. It was announced for the 21-27 of September 2020. That’s in just over three weeks time. You would expect the European Masters to be held somewhere in mainland Europe, but there are still so many travel restrictions in place everywhere that it might actually be difficult to stage there in the near future.

We can only wait and see …

2 thoughts on “2020/21 European Series Announcement

  1. Three of the so-called European series played in the UK? (Gibraltar is officially in the UK, sorry Spaniards…) Really? I understand travel restrictions and the uncertain future, but is there really a need to call something by a name it is not? Just right after Brexit to boot… I’m absolutely floored…

    • Yes, I do think events should live up to their name. For example, I think a tournament called ‘World Open’ should include amateur players who have won national championships, to provide opportunities and incentives for global growth.

      But let’s face it, ‘logic’ takes second place to ‘practicality’ at times like this. We hope that the 2021-22 season shows a return to some kind of normality, even if its start is delayed by the 2021 World Championship again.

      What I do disagree with is the award of a huge bonus for winning a ‘series’. That can lead to a corrupt motive, and if WST are doing their job properly they should be trying to avoid any suspicion of match-fixing. For example, it could have been in both players’ interest for Stephen Maguire to beat Mark Allen in the Tour Championship, in order to get the £100000 off Judd Trump. Even if players don’t collude to share out bonuses, the suspicion that they might could affect betting patterns, which would trigger a mandatory investigation… It really is a terrible idea, not thought through.

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