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The March of the Living is “a 5 day educational journey in Poland culminating with the unforgettable March of the Living International event that brings people from all over the world on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest WWII concentration camp complex.”

The “March of the living” is an International organisation. The link above is that of the UK branch because they are the ones behind this particular event.

This year the actual march could not happen because of the covid crisis. Instead this happened:

Ronnie O’Sullivan, Matt Lucas and Robert Peston hear Shoah survivor testimony

For Yom HaShoah, March of the Living pairs prominent figures from entertainment, the media and sport with Holocaust survivors in a series of one-to-one interviews

Matt Lucas met 93-year-old survivor Harry Olmer

Jewish comedian, actor and writer Matt Lucas is among the celebrities who have heard the moving experiences of Holocaust survivors to mark Yom HaShoah.

Lucas, alongside fellow celebs Ronnie O’Sullivan, broadcaster Robert Peston, Baroness Karren Brady and Love Island’s Eyal Booker, were paired up with Holocaust survivors in a series of one-to-one interviews.

The Meet the Survivors videos have been released today as a virtual March of the Living, which in pre-pandemic times would see more than 10,000 people ‘march’ the 3km from the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp to the gas chambers at Birkenau as a tribute to all those murdered by the Nazis.

Lucas met 93-year-old survivor Harry Olmer. “It’s so important to remember the Holocaust as Harry himself has said repeatedly,” said the actor. 

Ronnie O’Sullivan with Eve Kugler

“I’ve really seen an extraordinary glimpse into the power of the human spirit. He’s a survivor. If we forget these stories, and what happened and why, we’re at risk of it repeating itself.”

Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, met Lily Ebert, a 97-year-old survivor. “There’s too many people that walk around naively thinking that was the past,” he said.

Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, met Lily Ebert, a 97-year-old survivor.

“But unless we realise that this is something that happened to people alive today.”

Scott Saunders, the founder of March of the Living UK, said: “The Holocaust survivors are living embodiments of what it means to show resilience in the face of hatred and adversity. 

Eyal Booker with Mala Tribich

“The incredibly powerful Meet the Survivors series of films with Matt, Ronnie, Robert, Karren and Eyal will help to educate people about the atrocities of the Holocaust and with that knowledge hopefully make sure that something like that will never happen again.”

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Eyal Booker meets Mala Tribich:

Ronnie O’Sullivan meets Eve Kugler

Karren Brady meets Agnes Kaposi

Robert Peston meets Lily Ebert

Matt Lucas meets Harry Olmer

This is very important to me for personal reasons. Thank you from the heart to all the celebrities who took part. We should not allow this to be forgotten, so that it never happens again. Unfortunately it’s happening over and over, it’s happening now … in China, in Myanmar, in the Middle East and in many other places.

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  1. Great initiative. Those meetings and talks – very moving still reminding. Simply impressive. Big thanks to all involved.

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