Is Eurosport anti Selby?

I have deliberately waited before going for this one until the rage and “word war” have come down a bit on social media. It all turned about two main issues.

Issue 1 – the studio discussion about the “snooker behind the brown”

During the 2021 World final and in the aftermath of it, there was a lot of criticism targeting the Eurosport coverage, and a perceived “anti Selby” bias.

The whole thing started when the pundits had a discussion in the ES studio about a difficult situation on the table.

Ronnie O’Sullivan has said it “ain’t right” that Mark Selby was able to benefit from a controversial re-spot in the World Snooker Championship final against Shaun Murphy.
Selby got a taste of his own medicine during the 19th frame of the World Snooker Championship as Murphy had him in a world of trouble with a very sneaky shot with the cue ball rolled in behind the brown, leaving a horrible snooker.
But after three misses on the tricky snooker from an extended ‘spider’ and ‘swan’ rests, Selby was strangely suddenly able to use a normal rest to eventually get out of the shot at the fourth time of asking.
Using freeze-frames in the Eurosport studio, experts O’Sullivan and Neal Foulds made it clear that the re-spot was not correct and the normal rest should never have been a possibility to get out of the original situation.
In O’Sullivan’s mind, it clearly was not right that Selby was suddenly able to play the shot with the different rest – and he was shocked that Murphy did not get out of his chair to flag the incorrect re-spot.
If the white was put back where it was originally, this shot is just not possible,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport. “Because you can’t hit enough of the white, and if you did, you would probably miscue and the white would go towards the yellow.
“So if this shot was playable in the first place, he would have done. But even still, even when the white has moved [from the re-spot] quite considerably, really, he still couldn’t hit enough of the white to come that side of the red.
“So that shot was just never possible. You try not to blame the players, but in that situation, if the player has got the spider out originally and then he is using the rest, surely they should be able to use the technology to see the balls are not right. Because if they were right, you [Selby] would still have the spider in your hands. So maybe they should have used the technology to get it right.”
Foulds added: “Listen, you don’t want to get too involved in blaming players, but the balls were not put back correctly, we know that because we saw how they were put back and it was not correct, so the referee, the marker and the player at the table really have the responsibility. Murphy didn’t leave his chair; he will always take it on trust from the other player, but I’m a little surprised that happened the way it did because the shot was not on that he ended up playing.”

The images above show the situation on the table, before Mark Selby’s first attempt, and before the last one. It’s obvious that the brown is sticking out more on the right side of the white in the second image.

The ES pundits were definitely right in their assesment of the situation. No player would have taken the extended spider or the extended swan-neck if they could reach with the extended rest. Originally Mark Selby needed to cue “on top” of the white because he wasn’t seeing enough of it to cue on the side.

The ES pundits have discussed controversial situations like this, at length, including when Ronnie was on the wrong side of it notably the incident with the extented rest happened during his match against Luo Honghao during the 2018 English Open. At the time nobody accused them to be “anti-Ronnie” and Ronnie was branded a cheat on social media because “surely” he must have felt it.

Well, I will say that surely in this case Selby should have seen it, or at least questioned why he was suddenly able to play a shot that wasn’t on before. Yet, I haven’t seen anyone branding him “a cheat” on twitter.

To summarise my sentiment about this incident: it was not a case of being “anti-Selby”, even less a case of being “Selby haters”, it was a relevant question, and discussion, about a controversial table situation, and it is puzzling that Mark Selby didn’t question the replacement of the balls. This is a non-issue.

Issue 2: Desmond Kane article after the final

After the final, the always prolofic and lyrical Desmond Kane wrote a long article where he basically defended the idea that Mark Selby is bad for the game.

The article is quite really a long one and it’s mainly nonsense. 

Mark Selby plays to his strength, he’s out there to try his hardest and win and it’s what he has to do. As a fan, you may or may not like to watch it, but it’s clever, skilful and within the rules, unlike what Ebdon did during the 2005 World Championship QF against Ronnie, where is was plain time wasting. Clearly Desmond doesn’t like it. I’m not a great fan either, but I disagree with the article all the same.

Desmond quotes various pundits/commentators to support his own views:

Quoting Ronnie:

O’Sullivan compared his old rival to a “boa constrictor” on Eurosport in his ability to tighten his grip on opponents with balls welded to cushions and Murphy left frozen in some sort of snooker Siberia.

Selby is keeping balls tight on the side cushion,

But he overlooks the fact that Ronnie actually admires Selby for being able to play that way, and that his advice to Murphy was just to do what himself had done last year in the World’s semi-finals to avoid being trapped in Selby’s game.

Quoting Steve Davis:

Davis – who was hardly the life and soul of the party himself back in the day – rather cruelly compared Selby to a villain from the Harry Potter canon of fiction called the Dementor, a sort of grim reaper figure. They are said to “glory in decay and despair, they drain hope and happiness out of the air around them” which pretty much summed up Selby’s mightily effective, but soul-destroying dismantling of fellow Englishman Murphy

One for the purists? Most definitely. One to win a popularity contest? Most definitely not.

Mark Selby adequately answered those criticism 

“What’s the point of going out there just to entertain the crowd if you keep losing? It doesn’t make sense to me. Look at your CV,” he said.


Quoting Stephen Hendry

The claws are in and they are in deep, Mark Selby is like a snooker vampire. He sucks all the life and adrenaline out of you,” opined Hendry, the record seven-times Crucible holder.

Stephen Hendry is probably the one who really struggles to see positives in Mark Selby’s game because himself played the exact opposite uncompromisingly.

Also, although Eurosport got all the stick, it’s worth noting that Davis and Hendry don’t work for Eurosport. they work for the BBC. Yet, I didn’t see any criticism aimed at the BBC for those comments and, to my knowledge, no one suggested that they were “anti Selby”.

Quoting Graeme Dott

I don’t think that is a good advert for snooker tonight,” said Dott. “That is just my personal opinion. I don’t like being involved in games were lots of people are actually leaving.


Now those quotes date back to January 2013… people were leaving indeed, but surely, the fact that Ally Pally is a rather isolated place, that it was freezing cold and snowing and that the last busses were about to depart had something to do with it. I would know, I was there, duly missed the last bus and caught the mother of all colds.

Desmond also brings in Judd Trump:

All the players need to do their job and make the sport as exciting as possible

Well, for me, one of the beauties of snooker is diversity and not everyone is “excited” by the same things. At the risk of being branded an “odd ball”, I’m not excited by Judd Trump’s game, and certainly would not watch the sport anymore if we had 128 “Judd Trump” clones on the tour.

And Stuart Bingham:

It was gruelling. It’s tough to lose a close game like that,” said Bingham. “Funnily enough, it’s the same sort of player, time in, time out, who plays slow. Does he do it on purpose or what?
I want a free-flowing game. Everyone knows there was one shot which took three minutes. It’s close to gamesmanship.”

So, regarding this issue, for me the main question is: is it a “Eurosport” view, or a “Desmond Kane” view? And should Eurosport distance themselves from the article, if they think it’s going too far, and doesn’t reflect accurately their position as a brand?

Journalists should have the freedom to express their opinion, as long as they stay factually correct. They are the ones responsible for those opinions. The media for which they work should have the possibility to distance themselves if they think things are going too far. I’m not a fan of censorship. In this case, my sentiment is that this article reflects Desmond Kane’s views, and his only. It’s not a Eurosport issue


7 thoughts on “Is Eurosport anti Selby?

  1. Desmond Kane has had such articles before, like the one last year about Trump becoming one of the greats if he could break the “Crucible curse”, as if greatness were a function of such “achievements”. But he did not write anything insulting IMO and as you said, this is his opinion, for better or worse, not of Eurosport.

    I would think Selby-fans are sensitive, because Trump came out with his stuff about the need to be “entertaining”, and because Selby drew a lot of criticism from commentators, but also from fellow players, like Bingham. It might also add to the grief of Selby-fans that at Eurosport it was Ronnie who discussed the issue of the replaced cueball and suggested how Murphy could/should counter Selby, and Selby- and Ronnie-fans rarely coincide and Selby’s continued complaints about last years semi did not improve the situation and they are quick to see everything as a slight about him.

  2. Desmond Kane’s article was very much an opinion piece.

    There’s no arguing that Selby’s approach to big matches is boring and it appears none of the professionals like playing him, that doesn’t mean we don’t like watching him though, he brings something different to the game. If he wants to take 6 minutes over a shot, that’s up to him. Just like it was up to Ronnie with all that ridiculous “playing on for snookers/until the last ball is potted” nonsense at the start of this season.

    There is a 0% chance of the tour becoming 128 Mark Selbys because he is pretty much out on his own as a master tactician, coupled with a heavy breakbuilder when he fancies it. I can’t think of anyone else who can follow up 25 mins of gruelling safety with a 130 break. You might get some players experimenting with more tactical play but they usually break their own rhythm to the point where they can’t string a 40 or 50 together when the chance arises, as used to happen to most people in the 1980’s. This is is where Selby deserves admiration for me – and the fact he always seems to do it on the big stage, something Trump still needs to do more regularly.

    I actually think his success will be a good thing for the game as a whole. Most people who take up snooker do it to pot balls, some start making some big breaks, then a few go pro, get on the main tour and get thumped for two years by experienced wily pros. Before that they’ve only ever been playing other young players who have also been trying to be Ronnie for the last 10 years, it’s all “long red, big break”. Any 14/15 year old with one eye on going pro soon should watch Mark Selby and thinking “hang on, I should at least put some practice in at what he does”, so by extension there should be some better all round players coming through as a direct result of his success.

    I suspect Mr Selby is looking at his 4th World Championship and the £500k winners cheque and isn’t losing much sleep over what people at Eurosport think of him…

    • Regarding your last paragraph I think that you partly missed my point. There no problem with Eurosport in particular, the opinions expressed by the BBC pundits were similar and the piece by Desmond Kane, as you say yourself is very much an opinion piece, HIS opinion, not Eurosport, nor BBC, even if he cites pundits working for both broadcasters. Also, if Selby or anyone is taking 6 minutes over a shot, it’s not “up to them”. Snooker has rules, including tackling the situation when a player is deliberately wasting time and it’s covered by section IV of the rules. If rules are not enforced, it makes a mockery of the sport. Ben Williams warned Mark Selby over time wasting in his semi-final match, and rightly so. That said, when it happens, it’s more often the player being caught in over-thinking than deliberate gamesmanship and Mark himself has admitted that he is sometimes guilty of over-thinking.

      • Oh yeah, I totally agree with your post, it is weird that Eurosport are getting the flak for BBC comments – I watched them live on BBC at the time!

        I still think Selby’s 6 min shot was fine in my book. Perhaps because when he did it he was a 3 time World Champion and multiple event winner, I don’t think it’s gamesmanship, he just made himself look a bit stupid (see also Ronnie playing on when 70 down with 3 balls on the table). If some rookie was taking 6 mins per shot then I think it would be more nefarious and deliberate

    • I Don’t find Selby in the slightest Boring, it’s a different approach and he thinks long and hard for the best safety shot to play.

      i find it extremely fascinating the way he goes about tying up a frame

      Snooker isn’t and never has been about the potting its about the Tactics to give yourself the best chance of winning a match.

      Some use potting as a tactic like Ronnie did in the Semi final last year others dont but its all tactics.

  3. Indeed Steve Davis accurately described the effect Selby’s mindset has on the opponent and probably the majority of viewers ~ a diminishing of vitality resulting in an entropic miasma of lifelessness. In that zombfiied space a Selby ‘wins’, but what? Admiration inspiring others to emulation? Or loathing and disgust?
    Even a Referee becomes spellbound and unmanned, failing his duty, under the baleful intent of win-at-all-cost and fair-play be damned. Can honour accrue to a man whose spirit is so afflicted? Choose your Self.

  4. Ill be honest i see Most what was said as a Compliment to Selby.

    Steve Davis quote was a observation rather than a criticism as was Stephen Hendry saying he would have hated playing Selby what a compliment that was.

    Even Eurosport Pundits that was a observation i would hope they would have said that about any player including Ronnie.

    Desmond Kane was the only real issue i had his article as you said was nonsense.

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