Exhibitions in Hartley – 3 & 4 September 2021


Ronnie did a couple of exhibitions over the week-end. John Virgo couln’t make it, unfortunately, but he was replaced by another legend: the 1991 World Champion, John Parrott.

From what transpired on social media it was an enjoyable couple of evenings/nigths.

Here are a few images that were shared on twitter:

Jason tells me that Ronnie was good and had a few big breaks… and centuries but he wasn’t sure as he lost the count a bit over the two nights 😉

And Ronnie tweeted this

Ronnie Hartley Sept 2021 twitter

2 thoughts on “Exhibitions in Hartley – 3 & 4 September 2021

  1. Hi…I am Gutted I missed out on this event.. I have a lot going on in this September 2021..
    But could you let Me know Ronnie’s future engagements or Exhibitions for the nxt 4 months please..? x

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