Ronnie’s big interview ahead of the 2021 English Open – Part 2

Here is another topic discussed by Ronnie in his big interview, this time reported by Phil Haigh

Ronnie O’Sullivan claims nine-ball pool is his ‘little secret’ to snooker success

Ronnie O'Sullivan at the Betfred World Snooker Championship.
Ronnie O’Sullivan reckons an unlikely source has been behind some of his snooker success (Picture: Getty Images)

Ronnie O’Sullivan has revealed that playing pool is ‘a little secret’ behind some of his snooker success and has encouraged players of all cue sports to take up a variety of disciplines.

The Rocket has a bit of history with nine-ball pool, playing for Team Europe in the 1996 Mosconi Cup, and he says that the smaller table has helped him to his unprecedented levels of success in snooker.

The six-time world champion and 37-time ranking event winner says that pool practice is his ‘little secret’ to finding his best form on the snooker table, and hes explained why.

‘It is a little secret I let people in on, I actually played some of my best snooker because I played nine-ball pool,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport.

You are playing on a smaller table and trying to pot a ball over 12 foot is a lot – a long ball over 12 foot is quite a hard thing to do. But when you get an a pool table, you start potting long balls on a nine-foot table, it’s just like, you stop fearing the long distance as much.

Ronnie - 6 WC- gettyimages-1313007152
O’Sullivan won a sixth World Snooker Championship title in 2020 (Picture: Getty Images)

In some ways, you have to use different techniques on the pool table, which you can then bring to the snooker table.

I think I learned a lot and played some of my best snooker through playing nine-ball pool.’

The 45-year-old has advised players of various cue sports to have a crack at other disciplines so they can develop their games most effectively.

I always think there is a good crossover between playing a bit of nine-ball pool, a bit of billiards and a bit of snooker. Because there are crossovers,’ he continued.

It’s like being a pool player, a lot of pool players would be better pool players, if they had played a bit more snooker because it would tighten their technique up a bit.

This is not so secret. Players of the past often played both billiards and snooker for instance, and some old-school coaches still advice the debutants to try themselves at billiards, as it’s a good way to learn how to control the cue ball, and how angles, spin and trajectories work. Some of Jimmy White’s signature shots are billiards shots.



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  1. I liked the Double-elimination format at the US Open very much. Players just get more matches to play. But would it be doable in snooker too for some tournaments? You need either more time for a tournament or a VERY big venue, more tables (does WST own that much?), more referees and so on and so on……
    Because the US Open was contested by a number of players twice as high as the main tour but played nevertheless in one week. So they played an awful lot of matches there. If I remember it right some players even were refereeing themselves.

    • I would love that too Christian. Obviously, it can only be done in a short format. And why is it necessary to play it in one week? We had 9 days of qualifiers for the German Masters alone, surely it should be possible to play such a tournament over maybe 10 days? Like the UK?

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