Best of 19 return for the World Qualifiers and other Tour News

WST just published this:

Best Of 19 For World Qualifiers From 2023

All qualifying rounds of the Cazoo World Championship will be played over the best of 19 frames from 2023.

This is a change to the format of recent seasons, where the first three rounds were played over best of 11 frames.

Based on feedback from the WPBSA and players, WST has taken the decision to revert to best of 19 frames from next season’s qualifying event, to take place in April 2023.

Dates for the qualifying event will be announced in due course.

We are also pleased to announce prize money increases for several events for the coming 2022/23 season.

Click here for the prize money breakdown for these events. The breakdowns for remaining events will be announced in due course.

2022:23 Prize money increase

This is excellent news. I can only suppose that this will also mean a return of eight tables in operation, which is great for the fans who come to watch those qualifiers. It may nor have the glamour of the Crucible but it’s a very important, and very interesting event to attend.

What’s not so great is that there is still no money for the first round losers. That’s bad. It really is, especially in the current state of the economy. If some money was paid – only just enough to cover the basic expenses the players face for doing their job (travel, accomodation and some food) and doesn’t count towards ranking, it wouldn’t “protect” them in any way. Those not good enough wouldn’t be able to stay on tour. It also wouldn’t allow them to really earn a living out of it because that money would only just cover what it costs them to do their job. The “not rewarding mediocrity” argument doesn’t hold. I’ll say it once again: by playing to the best of their ability they bring value to the tournament, the sponsors, the venue and the broadcaster. They should not be out of pocket for doing their job properly.  Giving them £250 would cost less than the prize money of one losing semi-finalist. Surely that’s not impossible? If a player blatantly doesn’t try, or doesn’t show up, that’s a different situation of course.


One thought on “Best of 19 return for the World Qualifiers and other Tour News

  1. Yes great news about the World Championship qualifiers. It’s really important that the best players qualify, and with the tiered draw that wasn’t happening with best-of-11’s. A case could be made for the 1st qualifying round, but not thereafter. In fact, in previous years they had 12 tables, which really was a magnificent event, lasting 8 days.

    I think Jason Ferguson said they were looking into evening out the prizemoney, but it hasn’t happened. There’s are going to be some real hardship next year – there will be quite a lot of players who will scarcely win a match, and some players (e.g. the Asian Q School qualifiers) who might have difficulty raising funds to come here.

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