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WPBSA Statement – Ronnie O’Sullivan

WPBSA Statement 26th October 2022

 The WPBSA and Ronnie O’Sullivan Disciplinary Hearing Finding

 After a WPBSA Disciplinary Committee hearing before an independent tribunal on 16th September 2022, Ronnie O’Sullivan was found to have breached the WPBSA Conduct Regulations and his players contract:

 The allegation was that the Player had made a lewd and offensive gesture on two separate occasions in televised matches at the UK Championship 2021 and World Championship 2022.

At the hearing Mr O’Sullivan denied the allegations.

On 24th October 2022, the sanction imposed on Mr O’Sullivan was:

  1. To pay a fine of £2,000; and
  2. To pay the costs of the Hearing fixed at £2,000

 Mr O’Sullivan has the right to appeal the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee.

The WPBSA Members Rules 

1.1   Members shall, at all times (i.e. whether at a Tournament or not), behave in a proper and correct manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen. 

 1.3   A Member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.

 WSL Players Contract

3.1.5    Behave in a professional and reputable manner befitting a professional sportsperson. 

 3.1.6    Not to do anything that may damage the reputation and goodwill of the Snooker Parties and the Partners

I will say only this:

  • I have no recollection of an incident at the 2021 UK Championship.
  • The 2022 World Championship incident is probably the gesture that triggered the argument with Olivier Marteel during the final. I’m a bit surprised because, at the time, during the next session, it was said in commentary that the television images had shown nothing conclusive.
  • This is probably not going to improve Ronnie’s mood and motivation for the coming events.
  • As a personal and highly controversial opinion, I do not believe that whatever a sportsperson does or says, it actually impacts their sport. It only impacts their personal image … and then only “maybe”. If Alex Higgins didn’t destroy snooker – being dishonest, violent, obnoxious, a spoilt brat, a drunk and a women beater – nobody and nothing will. I know that he put snooker in the spotlight – partly because of his unacceptable behaviour actually – and that he was a fantastic player, but, from what I read – and that includes two oh his biographies – he was a truly horrible human being and nobody seems to care…

5 thoughts on “WPBSA statement about Ronnie

  1. It seems very, very strange to me to fine somebody for a gesture done nearly one year ago,!!! I think, nobody can really remember and it does not interest anybody, so they should have forgotten this incedent!!

  2. On an unrelated note, it occurred to me this morning that Ronnie has won his most recent Crucible matches against Judd, Higgins, Selby, and N. Robertson…

  3. I have no recollection of anything about the 2021 UK Championship and since Ronnie lost early there, I have no inclination to watch and look for it. At the Worlds I think it was a gesture during the Gilbert match after a miss: it was replayed a few times, there was nothing in the final, why Olivier Marteel got upset is still a mystery. Btw the gesture was not that particularly visible, so they could fine BBC for the replays if such gestures are supposed to put the sport into disrepute. 🙂

    4000 pounds don’t seem to be the end of the world, although I do not know how it compares to fines given to others, but it makes me wonder if it reflects the ridiculousness of the allegations.

    Good points about Alex Higgins.

    • It is not a huge fine indeed. I’m rather relieved to find out that I’m not the only one with no recollection about a 2021 UK champs incident.I honestly have no clue what this is about.

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