And more news … very bad news – 09.12.2022

This has just been shared by WPBSA:

WPBSA Statement | 9 December 2022

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson has taken the decision to suspend Lu Ning, Li Hang, Zhao Jianbo, Bai Langning and Chang Bingyu from attending or competing on the World Snooker Tour with immediate effect.

This follows the suspension of Liang Wenbo on 27 October 2022 and a subsequent investigation which remains ongoing into allegations of manipulating the outcome of matches for betting purposes in breach of the WPBSA Conduct Regulations.

The suspensions of all six players will remain in place until the conclusion of the investigation or any subsequent charges that may or may not be brought. These players have the right to appeal this decision.

The investigation remains ongoing, and no further comment will be made until the investigation is complete.

The green background has been added by me. This part of the announcement is most intriguing and very worrying. I’m not a native English speaker so maybe I misunderstand but … the way I read this those allegations of match fixing “appeared” as part of the Liang Wenbo investigation? Is that the “misconduct” that’s been investigated?

And it comes when an amateur, Garry Coulson, has also just been suspended for “misconduct”

This is all very, very bad.

One thought on “And more news … very bad news – 09.12.2022

  1. Normally how long does it take to finish the investigation?
    I think Liang have some critical evidence to the board? (like Weixin(a very common message app in China) records)
    The evidence should be quite strong that the board decide suspension in midst of a season.(A real pity for some of those guys if ultimately found out innocent, they do not have enough ranking – though can be remedied by a special tour card.)

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