Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Today, 25th of December, most Christians celebrate Christmas, although part of the Orthodox community will celebrate it on the 6th of January. This year, the Jewish community also celebrates Hanukkah, from the 18th of December to the 26th of December. And, of course, many non-believers celebrate too because it’s an opportunity to meet family and friends, to share a meal, to have a drink or just to enjoy some good time with people we love.

I explained yesterday that I’m alone on my island at the moment and yesterday evening I decided to just have a walk around the village with my camera. There are very few people around this time of the year. Only one “taverna” was open, and the bakery. Although we have at least a dozen churches in the village, there was no midnight mass. I met countless cats but no human except at the bakery, where Koula, who runs it with Manolis, her husband, knowing that my family is away, invited me for lunch today. We have known Koula and Manolis for nearly 20 years. Their children, and mine, were kids at the time, today I shared the Christmas meal with the whole family, from “Thia Theoni”, Koulas’s mother and the “auntie” for everyone in the village, to her whole tribe of grand-children. I counted 10 of them. That’s how life is still lived here and long may it last. Eucharisto Koula 💖

Anyway… here are the pictures taken yesterday night, No flash, no tripod. Just what caught my eye on the moment and a rare “selfie”

Happy celebrations everyone, enjoy and cherish those moments !

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

  1. Oh such beautiful night photos! So happy to read this and know you shared the meal with good friends. Thank you for all you do here, Monique. Wishing you all the best in this coming year.

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