Happy New Year! Happy 2023!

I’m wishing all of you, and those dear to you, the best for 2023. May this year bring you all happiness, peace of mind, success in your endeavours, and fulfilment.

Also “Happy birthday!” to Snooker Scene.

Clive Everton started it all on January 1, 1971. Last year we almost lost it… but thanks to Nick Metcalfe the magazine lives on and celebrates its 52d birthday today!

And, finally, my “wish list” for 2023 in snooker …

  • A prompt and fair resolution of the match fixing affairs that are currently tarnishing or sport. Culprits must be punished, but more importantly, stronger prevention measures should be put into place to avoid a repetition of this situation in the future. Maybe WPBSA could work more closely with the academies on this aspect? Maybe a specific “help group”, or “help line” involving Chinese and Thai speakers? Players need to feel safe to report any issue they become aware of.
  • More events played under a tiered system, provided that the qualifiers are played right before and at or close to the location of the main event.
  • For those events played under a “flat draw”, no qualifiers. Everyone at the main venue. Put enough tables in operation AND enough practice tables too.
  • Could WPBSA work with other bodies involved in snooker – yes, IBSF too – at all levels to consider the feasibility of a, potentially ELO based, rating system that would be inclusive to professionals and amateurs? Yes I know, I’m dreaming, but, as Lewis has explained on multiple occasions, that would allow to organise events for specific groups of players, without “distorting” the rating system. The current ranking system is too rigid by many aspects.
  • A World title number 8 for Ronnie at 47 … because … well he won’t be playing at 147, won’t he?

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Happy 2023!

  1. Thank you. Happy New Year to you, Monique and thank you for your tireless work on this blog, updating all of us on anything snooker and Ronnie. Happy New Year to everyone reading and contributing. 🥂❤️😸

    • Csilla, I can wholeheartedly agree with that. 😃👍
      So again, thank you Monique and a very happy New Year to all of you 🤗🍀✨

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