Book launch day … 11 May 2023

“Unbreakable”, Ronnie’s latest autobiography, is officially out since yesterday, there was a lot of promotional work going on with interviews and radio shows, notably on BBC sport, TalkSPORT and Virgin radio.

Excerpts of these interviews are available on YouTube:

That comes in addition to the nearly one hour long interview Silvry and Balvark refer to in their comments. Thank you guys!

One thing Ronnie said in those interviews is that, in the coming season, his priority will be on the Asian events and that he might skip UK events in order to keep himself fresh for the “outside UK ” events.

Ronnie himself did a bit of promotion on social media… suggesting that, even if you don’t like like, the book could be useful to you in different ways …

… as a sleep inducer, a coaster or even a door blocker…

The book’s preface was written by Stephen Fry, who also spoke Eurosport’s Desmond Kane


Stephen Fry has paid a glowing tribute to seven-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan in reviewing his latest autobiography ‘Unbreakable’. The respected author, actor, comedian and broadcaster feels O’Sullivan is as talented as 15-time major golf champion Tiger Woods and 20-time Grand Slam tennis winner Roger Federer. “A GOAT in the same triumvirate as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer,” said Fry.


UPDATED 11/05/2023

Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of the three greatest living sportsmen in the world alongside Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, according to celebrated author, actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry. 

Ardent snooker fan Fry made the comments in reviewing O’Sullivan’s latest autobiography Unbreakable which studies “the personal challenges and obstacles” the Essex icon has faced to make it to the summit of his sport. 

The world No. 1 has won 39 major ranking titles, a record-equalling seven world titles, seven Masters, compiled a record 1,202 century breaks and produced an unsurpassed 15 147 breaks since turning professional in 1992.

He also holds the world record for the fastest 147 of all time after clearing the table in an astonishing five minutes and eight seconds during his 1997 World Championship match against Mick Price. at the Crucible Theatre. 

Reading this is like watching an O’Sullivan break: hypnotic, dazzling and impossible to tear yourself away from,” said Fry. “When will the world fully realise that Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of the top three greatest sportsmen alive, a GOAT in the same triumvirate as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer? 

This utterly compelling, surprising and beautifully put together book shows us that there is so much more to him than outrageous natural talent. He is as fascinating a human as he is a player. A fabulous read.”

Fry has always been a devoted and vocal O’Sullivan supporter throughout his gilded career and was quick to heap praise on his fellow Englishman after he recorded his landmark 1,000th century break during a 10-4 win over Neil Robertson in the 2019 Players Championship final. 

Ronnie, you’ve done it, a thousand centuries, it’s extraordinary,” he said. “How many more is it than I’ve made? It’s a thousand more than even I have made, it’s an incredible achievement. No one ever thought it would be possible, a millennium of centuries. You’re the millennial man, Ronnie.

I know you must get tired of hearing this, Mozart, genius at work and all that, probably bores you rigid, but I wish you knew, perhaps you do, just how much pleasure you’ve given to millions of us who adore snooker, and who find watching you play one of the most thrilling sights in all of sport.

It’s been a privilege to be alive at the same time as you, Ronnie, it’s a wonderful thing. So thank you, as well as congratulations.”

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