Letterkenny, Ireland – 5 June 2018

Irish Tour 2018

Ronnie was in Clanree Hotel , Letterkenny, to play Jimmy White yesterday evening and here is Conor’s report. Conor O’Boyle is the organiser of those events, and I really appreciate his help!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 09.56.20


Peter O’Brien was the referee on duty and the setup looks very, very nice!

Prior to the exhibition Ronnie was interviewed by Gerry Kelly on 95.8 LM FM and here is the link to the podcast, thanks to Silvry, who found this gem. Ronnie is first on the show and the interview is about 16 minutes long. Nothing really new but quite nice all the same.

Ronnie on 95.8 LM FM with Gerry Kelly

And Ronnie found a great place to eat! He posted some images on his Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.16.25.png

He loved it so much that he took some “lunch boxes” away to eat before the show later that day !

Riga Masters 2018 and World Open 2018 draw and qualifiers format

Worldsnooker has published today the draw, and the format of the qualifiers, for the Riga Masters 2018 and World Open 2018.

The draw and format for the qualifying rounds of the first two ranking events of the 2018/19 season – the Kaspersky Riga Masters and World Open – are now available.

Click here for the Riga draw

Click here for the World Open draw

Click here for the format

The qualifiers run from July 2 to 9 at the Guild Hall in Preston. Tickets are available for just £5 , for details click here

Ronnie hasn’t entered either and that won’t surprise anybody: he’s rarely played before end August – early September over the last years. Therefore I don’t expect him to play until the China Championship qualifiers that will take place in August. Only my opinion mind, I might be proven completely wrong !

A lot of other top players gave the Riga Masters a miss, including Mark Selby, Ding Junhui, John Higgins and Judd Trump. The prize money isn’t great TBH. John Higgins also decided to skip the World Open.

I’m a bit surprised that the draw is out so early though, nearly 4 weeks before the qualifiers start.

Monaghan, Ireland – 4 June 2018

Ronnie and Mark Allen were in Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan in Ireland yesterday for the first leg of Ronnie’s  Irish Tour 2018. There will be nine exhibitions in total, six with Mark, and three with Jimmy White.

Irish Tour 2018

It was packed yesterday evening, as you would expect when those two play each other in Ireland.

They played 10 frames and made 5 centuries between them: Ronnie had three – including a 125 and a 132 – and Mark had two – including a 147. Ronnie won the match by 5-3 but Mark of course will be eager to get revenge!

He tweeted this:

Great show with tonight here in Monaghan. Best set up I’ve seen for an Exhibtion and what a crowd. Ronnie won night one but I’ll get him back later in the month!! Mad a max to keep the crowd happy though. 1-0 Ronnie

Here are two short videos. Like the pictures above, those were shared on twitter by fans who attended the event. Thanks guys!

The first one shows the final moments of Mark’s 147

The second shows the last (exhibition) black of Ronnie’s third century in four consecutive frames!

It’s fair to say that the standard must have been very high!

Well done and thanks to Conor O’Boyle, the organiser of the events, who sent me the final  results.

Holiday …

Incredibly we will now have nearly a full month without competitive snooker before the qualifier for the Riga Masters 2018 and the World Open 2018 start on 2nd July 2018, in Preston.

The 2018/19 season opener, the Challenge Tour Event 1 has been won by Brandon Sargeant, probably not the one most expected, but a very capable young player.

Here is the report on Worldsnooker

Brandon Sargeant won the first Challenge Tour event of the season, beating Luke Simmonds 3-1 in the final in Burton.

The new Challenge Tour will see ten events played across the 2018/19 season in the UK and Europe, with the top two players on the final Order of Merit to earn a two-year card to the World Snooker Tour.

Stoke’s 20-year-old Sargeant got off to the perfect start as he won six matches to take the £2,000 top prize and an early lead on the Order of Merit.

In the final he made breaks of 64 and 56 in taking a 2-1 lead, then closed out the match with a superb 139 total clearance.

Sargeant showed his potential by reaching the last 32 of last season’s Gibraltar Open ranking event, competing as an amateur. He won four matches before losing 4-3 to Fang Xiongman. He also reached the last 32 of Q School event three last week.

The second Challenge Tour event will take place on July 10-11 in Preston.

Event One Results

Round one

Joel Walker 3 – 0 Dylan Emery
David Lilley 3 – 2 Jeff Cundy
Felix Frede 3 – 2 John Foster
Oliver Brown 3 – 2 Rodion Judin
James Cahill 3 – 0 Barry Pinches
Kuldesh Johal 3 – 2 Heikki Niva
Kevin Van Hove 3 – 2 Peter Devlin
Adam Duffy 3 – 2 Michael Collumb
Patrick Whelan 3 – 0 Andrew Smith
Lee Shanker 3 – 0 Andrew Milliard
Charlie Walters 3 – 0 Leo Fernandez
Adam Edge 3 – 0 Peter Delaney
Jackson Page 3 – 2 Steven Hallworth
Brandon Sargeant 3 – 2 Phil O’Kane
Lucky Vatnani 3 – 2 Callum Lloyd
Farakh Ajaib 3 – 1 Daniel Womersley
Anthony Jeffers 3 – 1 Brandon Hall
Matthew Day 3 – 1 Daniel Gorton
Jamie O’Neill 3 – 0 Andy Marriott
Reanne Evans 3 – 0 Heather Clare
Mitchell Mann 3 – 1 Joshua Thomond
Luke Simmonds 3 – 2 Himanshu Dinesh Jain
William Lemons 3 – 1 Jake Nicholson
Sydney Wilson 3 – 2 Bash Maqsood
Ben Hancorn 3 – 0 Lee Daegyu
Andreas Ploner 3 – 1 Joshua Cooper

Round two

Lucky Vatnani 3 – 2 Matthew Day
Jackson Page 3 – 1 Jamie O’Neill
Brandon Sargeant 3 – 2 Anthony Jeffers
Oliver Brown 3 – 2 Andreas Ploner
Reanne Evans 3 – 2 Chae Ross
Mitchell Mann 3 – 0 Jamie Trump
Jamie Trump w/o Sergey Isaenko
William Lemons 3 – 2 Sydney Wilson
Joel Walker 3 – 2 Ben Hancorn
Kevin Van Hove 3 – 2 Felix Frede
Farakh Ajaib 3 – 0 Sean Maddocks
Kuldesh Johal 3 – 0 Patrick Whelan
David Lilley 3 – 1 Adam Duffy
Charlie Walters 3 – 1 Lee Shanker
David Grace 3 – 1 Adam Edge
Luke Simmonds 3 – 0 Iulian Boiko

Round three
Sargeant 3-0 Vatnani
Van Hove 3-1 Walters
Walker 3-0 Lemons
Page 3-1 Ajaib
Simmonds 3-0 Brown
Grace 3-1 Johal
Mann 3-1 Evans
Cahill 3-1 Lilley

Sargeant 3-2 Page
Simmonds 3-1 Cahill
Grace 3-1 Van Hove
Mann 3-2 Walker

Sargeant 3-2 Mann
Simmonds 3-2 Grace

Sargeant 3-1 Simmonds

Click here for the prize money

There were some negative comments on social media regarding the event because the rather low number of entries. Now, let’s be realistic: players who have battled it out in Burton for over two weeks and didn’t come through may not have been too keen to spend another two days there. They might have wanted a rest, see their family and relax before going back to work and every day’s life.

The might have been other reasons as well …

Brian Ochoiski, for instance, left Burton ranked n°46, not bad for a first timer, and only went back home to become France Snooker Champion over the week-end! Well done Brian! 

You can watch the award ceremony here (posted on facebook by Stephane Ochoiski, a player himself and a very proud father!)

And there will be some snooker in June… Ronnie will be in Ireland for a number of exhibitions, some with Mark Allen

Enjoy the break everyone!

The 2018/19 Snooker Season starts now!

And tomorrow we will already have the first event of the 2018/19 season underway: the first event of the new Challenge Tour will be played in Burton.

Worldsnooker just published the draw and format 

The draw and format for Challenge Tour event one in Burton is now available.

The event will be played from Saturday 2nd June – Sunday 3rd June.

Click here for the draw

Click here for the format

The Challenge tour is open to the 64 best Q-school players not having qualified for the main tour, plus a number of nominations.

Here is the 2018 Q-School order of merit

 Rank  Points
1 David Lilley 56
2 Dechawat Poomjaeng 55
3 James Cahill 53
4 Adam Duffy 52
5 Luke Simmonds 45
6 Jamie Cope 45
7 Fang Xiongman 42
8 Farakh Ajaib 42
9 Andy Hicks 41
10 Michael Judge 40
11 Kuldesh Johal 39
12 Hu Hao 38
13 Chen Zhe 37
14 Geng Mingqi 35
15 Mitchell Mann 35
16 Shane Castle 34
17 Simon Bedford 34
18 Ben Hancorn 33
19 Steven Hallworth 32
20 Leo Fernandez 31
21 Jamie O’Neill 31
22 Jackson Page 31
23 Laxman Rawat 30
24 Fraser Patrick 30
25 Wang ZePeng 30
26 Joel Walker 29
27 Liu Jiaming 29
28 Kristjan Helgason 29
29 Peter Devlin 29
30 Wang Yuchen 29
31 Barry Pinches 28
32 David Grace 28
33 Sydney Wilson 27
34 Lee Daegyu 27
35 Greg Casey 27
36 Himanshu Jain 27
37 Phil O’Kane 26
38 Jake Nicholson 26
39 Heikki Niva 26
40 Callum Lloyd 26
41 Jamie McArdle 26
42 Jamie Curtis – Barrett 26
43 Jeff Cundy 26
44 Patrick Whelan 25
45 Dylan Emery 25
46 Brian Ochoiski 25
47 Andreas Ploner 25
48 Lucky Vatnani 25
49 Haydon Pinhey 24
50 Ning Kang 24
51 Long Zehuang 24
52 Ma TingPeng 24
53 Sean Maddocks 23
54 Brandon Sargeant 23
55 John Foster 23
56 Brandon Hall 23
57 David Craggs 22
58 Matthew Day 22
59 Felix Frede 21
60 Charlie Walters 21
61 Anthony Jeffers 21
62 Adam Edge 21
63 Andrew Smith 20
64 Chae Ross 20
65 Dylan Craig 20
66 Marc J Davis 20
67 Joshua Cooper 20
68 Wu Shengguang 20
69 John Pritchett 20
70 Michael Collumb 20
71 Daniel Womersley 19
72 Kacper Filipiak 19
73 Jack Bradford 19
74 Lee Shanker 19
75 Daniel Ward 19
76 Tyler Rees 19
77 Andrew Pagett 18
78 William Lemons 18
79 Sergey Isaenko 18
80 Reanne Evans 17
81 Wayne Townsend 17
82 Simon Dent 17
83 Manasawin Phetmalaikul 17
84 Joshua Thomond 17
85 Alex Taubman 17
86 Antony Parsons 17
87 Callum Costello 16
88 Saqib Nasir 16
89 Ross Bulman 16
90 Andres Petrov 16
91 Louis Heathcote 16
92 Hans Blanckaert 16
93 John Parkin 15
94 Michael Williams 15
95 Ben Jones 15
96 Clayton Humphries 15
97 Daniel Devlin 14
98 Omar Alajlani 14
99 Mateusz Baranowski 14
100 Kurtis Weaver 14
101 Mark Vincent 14
102 On Yee Ng 14
103 Ka Wai Cheung 14
104 Oliver Brown 14
105 John Whitty 13
106 Zak Surety 13
107 Andy Marriott 13
108 Luke Pinches 13
109 Umut Dikme 13
110 Christopher Keogan 13
111 Lewis Ullah 13
112 Michael Wild 13
113 Tam Mustafa 12
114 Samuel Thistlewhite 12
115 Matthew Couch 12
116 Daniel Gorton 12
117 Jamie Brown 12
118 Gary Challis 12
119 Dave Nelson 12
120 Jamie Trump 12
121 Danny Brindle 12
122 Alex Borg 12
123 Alex Millington 12
124 Andrew Milliard 12
125 Keith Keldie 12
126 Bash Maqsood 12
127 Alex Davies 11
128 Matthew Roberts 11
129 lulian Boiko 11
130 Ryan Thomerson 11
131 Simon Blackwell 11
132 Ronan Whyte 10
133 Ryan Causton 10
134 Nutcharut Wongharuthai 10
135 Jed Mann 10
136 Shafaqut Hussain 10
137 Matthew Glasby 10
138 Paul Burrell 9
139 James Burrett 9
140 James Welch 9
141 William Thomson 9
142 Leong ManHoi 9
143 Labeeb Ahmed 9
144 Richard Somauroo 9
145 George Pragnall 9
146 Ahmed Aseeri 9
147 Shehzad Iqbal 8
148 Owais Ali 8
149 Darryl Hill 8
150 Mike Finn 8
151 James Silverwood 8
152 Dessie Sheehan 8
153 Ahmed Elsayed 7
154 Steven Evans 7
155 Belan Sharif 7
156 Haider Ali 7
157 Jenson Kendrick 7
158 Tugba Irten 6
159 Adam Brown 6
160 Niel Vincent 6
161 Mark Ganderton 6
162 Ben Fortey 6
163 Aaron Holland 6
164 Daniel Walker 6
165 Daniel Kandi 5
166 Jaspal Bamotra 5
167 Corey Deuel 5
168 Joshua Saywell 5
169 Stefan Mazrocis 5
170 Constantin Mateescu 4
171 Peter Delaney 4
172 Heather Clare 4
173 Luke Garland 4
174 Dan Woolloff 4
175 Steve Martin 3
176 Jason Turnbull 3
177 James Height 3
178 Mihai Vladu 3
179 Imran Puri 3
180 Jake Keen 2
181 Dean Goddard 2
182 Billy Ginn 1
183 Darren Burns 1
184 Aaron Cook 1
 The Q School 2018 Ranking List has been calculated by awarding 1 point for every frame won. All players who received a bye into Round 2 have been awarded 4 points for round 1.  Players who have won the same number of frames are then ranked based on frames won in the 1st event and then frames won in the 2nd event and finally frames won in the 3rd event.

Here  you will find the information about the Challenge Tour nominated players.

Challenge Tour Nominations Announced

  • 30th May 2018

The WPBSA and World Snooker have today announced further information in respect of the nominated players who will participate in the new Challenge Tour.

To operate as a secondary circuit to the World Snooker Tour, Challenge Tour will comprise 10 events to be staged across the UK and mainland Europe during the 2018/19 season.


The top 64 players on the final 2018 Q School Rankings, excluding those who have qualified for the main tour, will be eligible to compete in each Challenge Tour event.

Up to eight more players will be added to the tour based on the following criteria agreed by the WPBSA in consultation with the World Snooker Federation (WSF):

European WSF Member Federations hosting Challenge Tour Events

  • National Champion of Latvia
  • National Champion of Belgium
  • TBC – EBSA Host European Federation

Players who reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Snooker Federation Mixed Championships

  • Kacper Filipiak of Poland
  • Kristjan Helgason of Iceland*

World Women’s Snooker Tour

  • Ng On Yee of Hong Kong (2018 WLBS World Women’s Snooker champion)
  • Reanne Evans of England (2017/2018 season end WLBS World Women’s no.1 ranked, or next in line if the same as world champion)

*unless qualifying for the main tour through Q School

The eighth nomination was the WSF Championship runner-up Adam Stefanów, however it was recently announced that he is now to join the World Snooker Tour from the 2018/19 season.

Should any of the above players not enter a Challenge Tour event, any further players will be selected based upon the Q School Rankings. National federations will not have the option to transfer these invitations to other players.

Challenge Tour will provide a direct pathway to the World Snooker Tour, with the top two players on the final Order of Merit to receive a two-year professional ticket from the start of the 2019/20 season.

There will be a total prize fund of £100,000 to be provided by the WPBSA as part of its ongoing commitment to amateur snooker which has recently seen the formalisation of the International Federation for Snooker, the WSF.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “I am delighted to see the gap between amateur and professional snooker getting smaller with the introduction of the World Snooker Challenge Tour in Europe. We have seen many young talented players coming through in China through competing on the CBSA Tour which provides excellent playing opportunities for leading players in the region. There is a strong appetite from elite performing amateur players across Europe to have similar opportunities as they look to develop a full-time career in our sport.

This new Challenge Tour will not only provide the opportunity to compete at a high-level in match conditions, it will also be a place where as a world governing body we can educate the next generation of players and officials to safeguard our sport’s future.”

The first Challenge Tour event gets underway this Saturday at the Meadowside Leisure Centre in Burton and will run for two days with a total prize fund of £10,000.

The Latvian National Champion is Rodion Judin and the Belgian National Champion is Kevin Van Hove.

The Q-School only produced two “new” professionals: Kishan Hirani from Wales and Ashley Carty from England. Very well done and good luck to them! The ten others all have been pros before, with seven of them returning immediately after dropping off the tour after the Crucible, less than a month ago.

You will also find here the complete list of 2018/19 Main Tour Professionals

Tour Players 2018/19

  • 1st June 2018

With the final four players securing their professional tour cards as this year’s Q School reached its conclusion yesterday, we can now confirm the final list of players who will compete on the World Snooker Tour during the 2018/19 season.

The Top 64 (64)

These players finished inside the top 64 of the official world ranking list at the end of last season and so will retain their places on the circuit, with a one-year card.

End of season rankings:

  1. Mark Selby
  2. Ronnie O’Sullivan
  3. Mark Williams
  4. John Higgins
  5. Judd Trump
  6. Ding Junhui
  7. Barry Hawkins
  8. Shaun Murphy
  9. Kyren Wilson
  10. Neil Robertson
  11. Ali Carter
  12. Mark Allen
  13. Stuart Bingham
  14. Anthony McGill
  15. Luca Brecel
  16. Ryan Day
  17. Stephen Maguire
  18. Marco Fu
  19. Liang Wenbo
  20. Joe Perry
  21. Mark King
  22. Graeme Dott
  23. Yan Bingtao
  24. Martin Gould
  25. Xiao Guodong
  26. Jack Lisowski
  27. David Gilbert
  28. Ricky Walden
  29. Michael White
  30. Anthony Hamilon
  31. Michael Holt
  32. Tom Ford
  33. Zhou Yuelong
  34. Jimmy Robertson
  35. Robert Milkins
  36. Li Hang
  37. Ben Woollaston
  38. Cao Yupeng
  39. Jamie Jones
  40. Gary Wilson
  41. Mark Davis
  42. Mark Joyce
  43. Yu Delu
  44. Kurt Maflin
  45. Hossein Vafaei
  46. Dominic Dale
  47. Matthew Stevens
  48. Chris Wakelin
  49. Michael Georgiou
  50. Stuart Carrington
  51. Fergal O’Brien
  52. Noppon Saengkham
  53. Mike Dunn
  54. Andrew Higginson
  55. Peter Ebdon
  56. Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  57. Robbie Williams
  58. Scott Donaldson
  59. Matthew Selt
  60. Liam Highfield
  61. Lyu Haotian
  62. Rory McLeod
  63. Daniel Wells
  64. Alan McManus

The Two Year Cards (32)

These players competed on the main tour in 2017/18 and will start the 2018/19 season on the second year of their two-year tour cards.

  • Akani Songsermsawad
  • Martin O’Donnell
  • Gerard Greene
  • Alexander Ursenbacher
  • Xu Si
  • Yuan Sijun
  • Ian Burns
  • Zhang Yong
  • Peter Lines
  • Li Yuan
  • Robin Hull
  • Allan Taylor
  • Duane Jones
  • Nigel Bond
  • Chen Zifan
  • Ashley Hugill
  • Niu Zhuang
  • Chris Totten
  • Eden Sharav
  • Paul Davison
  • Soheil Vahedi
  • Billy Joe Castle
  • Hamza Akbar
  • Ross Muir
  • Joe Swail
  • Sanderson Lam
  • Sean O’Sullivan
  • Rod Lawler
  • Rhys Clark
  • Lukas Kleckers
  • Basem Eltahhan
  • Matthew Bolton

The Top Eight (One-Year Ranking list) (8)

The top eight players on the one-year ranking list, not already inside of the top 64 of the two-year ranking list or on the first year of a two-year card, have earned a tour card for the 2018/19 season. They receive a fresh two-year tour card, starting on zero ranking points.

  1. Elliot Slessor
  2. Tian Pengfei
  3. John Astley
  4. Oliver Lines
  5. Lee Walker
  6. Mei Xiwen
  7. Alfie Burden
  8. Zhang Anda

Q School (12)

A further 12 will be promoted from the Q School and again they will receive a two-year tour card.

  • Jak Jones (2018 Q School Event One semi-finalist)
  • Sam Baird (2018 Q School Event One semi-finalist)
  • Hammad Miah (2018 Q School Event One semi-finalist)
  • Sam Craigie (2018 Q School Event One semi-finalist)
  • Jordan Brown (2018 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)
  • Craig Steadman (2018 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)
  • Lu Ning (2018 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)
  • Zhao Xintong (2018 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)
  • Thor Chuan Leong (2018 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)
  • Kishan Hirani (2018 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)
  • Andy Lee (2018 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)
  • Ashley Carty (2018 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)

EBSA Play-Offs (2)

Two more qualified via the EBSA Play-Offs at the English Institute for Sport last month. They will also earn a two-year card.

  1. Jamie Clarke
  2. Joe O’Connor

China Tour Nominations (2)

Two players have qualified via the CBSA China Tour. They earn a fresh two-year tour cards.

  1. Chen Feilong
  2. Zhang Jiankang

International Nominations (6)

The remaining players come from a mix of other amateur/international competitions and again will earn a two-year card.

  • Luo Honghao (WSF Championship winner)
  • Adam Stefanów  (WSF Championship runner-up)
  • Harvey Chandler (EBSA Championship winner)
  • Simon Lichtenberg (EBSA u-21 Championship winner)
  • Mohamed Ibrahim (African Championship winner)
  • Fan Zhengyi (U-21 Championship winner)

Invitational Tour Cards (3)

There are a further three players who will be able to play having been awarded invitational tour cards.

  • Jimmy White (SECOND year of a two-year invitational tour card)
  • Ken Doherty (SECOND year of a two-year invitational tour card)
  • James Wattana (FIRST year of a two-year invitational tour card)

The season gets underway with the Kaspersky Riga Masters qualifiers to run from 2-5 July 2018 at Preston’s Guild Hall.



The Importance of being Fit … bis

In this interview, reported by the Daily Star, Ronnie reveals more plans to restore health and fitness in the UK… He might have to clone himself soon if that becomes reality!

THE NEW MR MOTIVATOR: Ronnie cues up fitness trainer career

SNOOKER ace Ronnie O’Sullivan is set to be a Mr Motivator style fitness guru.

By Ed Gleave, Exclusive /

The sporting legend plans to host well-being weekends where fans can undergo training sessions with him.

Ronnie, 42, who has already penned a book on nutrition, told the Daily Star Sunday: “Health and fitness is my passion.

“I want to reach out to people who have busy lives. I want to show it’s possible to still be healthy.

“I’m on the go all the time and I travel a lot so I take boxes of food.

“I’ll be doing weekends where people can come and do exercise and learn to cook.”

SNOOKER STAR: ‘Health and fitness is my passion’ says RonnieGETTY

SNOOKER STAR: ‘Health and fitness is my passion’ says Ronnie

The five-time world champ added: “I’ll teach them some recipes and go on a run with them.

“And I’ll talk about how I’ve changed my lifestyle.

“I also want to set up my own eight-mile assault course. I’ve done a few of those challenges in the past and won.

“The guys from the Army saw me and thought ‘he’s a snooker player, he won’t be any good’, but then I did well and won it.”

Ronnie wants to spread the word about health and fitness after overhauling his lifestyle and shedding more than a stone.

NEW GURU: Ronnie reckons his new fitness empire is just what Britain needsSHUTTERSTOCK

NEW GURU: Ronnie reckons his new fitness empire is just what Britain needs

“I feel better than I have ever felt and that’s down to a combination of fitness and nutrition”


He said: “A while back I had injuries that meant I couldn’t run. I piled on the weight.

“So I went to see a nutritionist and since then I’ve lost about a stone and a half.

“I feel better than I have ever felt and that’s down to a combination of fitness and nutrition. I’m much healthier.

“When I get to 50, 60, 70 I want to look well.

“I don’t want to have a heart attack and end up sitting there with tubes hanging out of me. I don’t want to look a state in front of my grandkids.”

One of snooker’s greatest ever players declared: “I want to be active and live as long as I can. I want to live to a hundred and I don’t want those years to be s***.”

Ronnie reckons his new fitness empire is just what Britain needs.

He added: “As a nation we are unhealthy. There’s a tendency to eat the wrong foods.”

Ronnie is also carving out a career as a novelist. His new title Double Kiss is already a hit.


Clacton Pot Black – 27.05.2018


Ronnie was in Clacton-on-sea, in Essex, yesterday evening for an exhibition. That’s close to home and his father and his son were there with him. The Pot Black club is very, very nice and, at bit bizarrely, situated just above an “Arcade”. Going by little videos shared by Ronnie Senior, Ronnie Junior and John Virgo had some fun there with some car driving simulation game…

The owner of the club, Aidan Owens, is a very good player, competing on the Seniors Tour and currently in the top 16 amateurs there. He’s beaten Ronnie twice on his own table before Ronnie got one back. I wonder what happened yesterday…

Well I got the answer thanks to Ben Sizer, a young player who played Ronnie himself yesterday: Aidan sent his wife at the table to play Ronnie!

Ben also shared those pictures on Facebook:


For all that transpired it was another great fun night, Ronnie won all his matches and made two centuries (Jason confirmed).

Here are two videos shared by Jason Francis on Facebook:


more photos added by Aidan Owens on his Facebook Page