Some Ronnie News – 14.05.2022

Ronnie is currently doing some exhibitions with Jason, notably in Cornwall where Jason is from.

Meanwhile, Laila has confirmed that they are back together:

Laila Rouass shares how she got back together with snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan

Footballers’ Wives actress and Strictly star Laila Rouass has opened up about how she and fiancé Ronnie O’Sullivan rekindled their romance, following their shock split earlier this year

Actress Laila Rouass has opened up about how she and fiancé Ronnie O’Sullivan found their way back to each other after their breakup.

Footballers’ Wives star Laila met snooker world champion Ronnie by accident while she was house hunting in 2012.

The couple got engaged just a year later but never actually married.

They saddened fans when they announced they would separate after more than a decade together.

Appearing on Loose Women today, the 50-year-old revealed she and Ronnie had already been broken up for eight months when they made the news public in February.

However, over the last few weeks there was plenty of speculation about the couple giving their relationship another go with Laila snapped wearing her engagement ring again.

A friend of the pair told The Mirror at the time: “The love is still there.

“It seems like they are giving things another go. Nothing is ever straightforward when it comes to Ronnie but there’s a lot of love there.”

Laila has now confirmed the happy news on the lunchtime chat show and said they had “found our way back”.

She told the show’s panellists: “Me and Ronnie are back together, we found our way back.

We just worked it out – back when I announced it, we hadn’t been together for almost eight months at that time.

She added: “Talking is so underrated. If you can sit down and say how you feel and what you want – when you get older that is much easier to say too.”

During the chat, Laila also revealed the snooker ace has been “feeling flat” ever since winning the world championship in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

She said: “Ronnie, he’s just won the seventh world title and he’s come back home and he feels flat.


It’s probably not surprising that Ronnie feels a bit flat. After 17 days spending huge amounts of nervous energy that’s to be expected.

Also I had known since september that they were no more together but had been asked to keep it quiet. That, in itself, suggested to me that things might not be as “definitely over” as they might have appeared. All couples go through crisis and they are both at a critical age. Mid forthies is often the time when our outlook on life changes, and, may I say so, women in particular, go through some hormonal changes that can have a huge impact on their life and even personality. Men maybe too but I can’t speak for them… 😉I’m glad they found the courage to talk about it honestly and are giving it another go.