Ronnie wins the Pink Ribbon Charity 2015

Ronnie is taking a break from competitive snooker but still entered the Pink Ribbon Charity 2015 tournament and duly won it.

Darryl Walker, Paul Mount and Ronnie, with the trophies, after the Pink Ribbon 2015 Final

This pro-am tournament – held for the sixth times this year – was created by Paul Mount to honour the memory of his sister, Kay Suzanne, and to gather funds to support those who fight against breast cancer and offer concrete help to sufferers.
From 15th to 19th of July 2015, the South West Snooker Academy welcomed over 350 snooker players, all sporting pink polo shirts. It was once again a great event, played in great spirit.
It was the first time that Ronnie had entered it. He had brought pictures to sign for the fans, inviting them to donate whatever they could afford to the charity.
He also donated part of his winner prize money and promised to come back next year to defend his title.
In the final, Ronnie defeated Darryn Walker, an amateur who undoubtedly was the true star of the event. Having entered twice – as he was allowed to, being an amateur – he reached the semi finals in both halves of the draw, quite an extraordinary feat. He won the first semi final, beating Craig Steadman, a main tour player and then faced Ronnie in the last match that was both semi final and final combined.

Watch Ronnie in action in his first match here: