Lowestoft club night and another 147 …

Ronnie’s October Snooker Legends tour concluded last night, with a visit to the Pot Black Club in Lowestoft and another 147, his third this week.

You can watch the last balls here (thanks to Snooker Legends on FB):

Exhibition (17.10.2015.): Ronnie O’Sullivan 147

and a fan tweeted:

Just witnessed @ronnieo147 get a 147!
Effortless. What a bloody genius.
He was lovely. Really friendly and nice. He was on for over 2 hours, played like a god!

Jason Francis, Mr Snooker Legends, kept us posted on twitter as usual.


  • Packed to the rafters here in Lowestoft


  • Fantastic effort from aiden and fran here, the club looks great and the tables top class


  • 147 maxi AgAIN
  • Honestly I run out of superlatives to describe this man… #ronniemaxi


And as a conclusion of the week, this morning Jason added:

Since Scunthorpe its 8 shows… Ronnies breaks… 147,147,147,140,131,131,123,112,111,111,111,107,103,102,102,102,101,100,100 #machine

If I count correctly that’s 19 centuries in 64 frames… not bad.

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  1. And to top it off, it transpired that Ronnie suffered a back injury and had needed treatment yesterday before the match… thanks to physio John Bower he was able to play and make a 147. Oh well … as we all do 😉

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