York Chronicles – day 2

Second and last day of the last 64 round.

Colin, Ronnie and Jimmy started with a preview the afternoon session, focusing on the Mark Selby v Oliver Lines match

During and after that match, they were praising Selby’s performance constantly; it was indeed impressive. The only moment they criticised him was when he tried to protect a lead instead of taking chances to kill the frame. Oliver Lines never really got going but he wasn’t given the chance to:
After the session though their focus was on the other television match, Judd Trumps’s victory over Stuart Carrington.

Later Colin, Ronnie and Jimmy presented the day 2, evening matches preview:

Stephen Maguire made very short work of his match beating a struggling Jamie Cope by 6-0, but he was still very critical of the conditions afterwards.

And at the end of the day, they were back to comment on Neil Robertson’s performance and answer a few fans questions. Despite a few good breaks, it was a poor match overall, both players missing a lot of chances.

Elsewhere Luca Brecel beat Anthony McGill by 6-4. Earlier in his commentary, Ronnie has suggested that Luca and Oliver Lines were the two most promising European young players. Personally I regret that Luca and Anthony had to meet at this stage, I like to watch both and certainly both are very capable.

Also Barry Hawkins was beaten by Robin Hull, 6-3, a mini surprise but then Robin is a very dangerous player and very experienced.

Ronnie and Jimmy’s punditry attracted a lot of praise on social media, Ronnie’s straight talking and no nonsense attitude is hugely appreciated as are Jimmy’s sense of humour and knowledge.

here is a mini selection of tweets from yesterday:

  1. Enjoying watching you on the couch you’re giving everyone a different insight into the game

  2. refreshing thing for snooker with and in the studio, much better than the bbc lot. Bbc should have signed um up

You can watch all of day 2 in York punditry here:

2015 UK Champs: Day2 tv preview+MSI+review (Eurosport).

All the detailed results are available on cuetracker.net

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  1. I hope that Ronnie’s having fun in that small, dark studio. They’re even in the Barbican. It must be very entertaining.

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