One thought on “Happy Birthday Ronnie

  1. Happy birthday Ronnie ! 40 ROCKS !
    For almost 20 years now I follow your career and I want to thank you for all those moments of joy and excitement you gave me.I always take holiday when I know you are going to play on the BBC screen.I always look forward so much to see you play.I also had the pleasure to see you play and meet live in England and in Belgium:moments I will remember for the rest of my live.In January me and my new girlfriend visit London for a few days,and I have tickets for the Masters:she wants to see with her own eyes who my idol is! Have a fantastic day Ronnie together with your girlfriend and family around you.And I wish you at least 60 more years with hopefully another 5 as a professional snookerplayer.
    Thank you for everything and please stay healty.

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