York Chronicles – day 6

Second day of the last 16 round

Colin, Ronnie and Jimmy presented the day’s preview: their focus was on the Maguire-Robertson match, as expected because it obviously was the match of the day.
They started with a recap of the previous day and flash interviews with Mark Selby, Marco Fu and Matthew Selt. They then took a look at the draw.
Neal Foulds interviewed Tom Ford ahead of today’s match against Liang Wenbo.

During is the Maguire-Robertson mid session discussion, Ronnie and Jimmy analysed the action and commented of some particularly skilful shots. Neil Robertson leaving the arena for nearly 5 minutes after just one frame sparkled a toilet break debate. They also discussed kicks and ball polish; their view is that a lot of kicks are caused by bad or tentative cueing, maybe a slightly thicker cloth would help too.

Neil Robertson won 6-1, with 3 tons, Maguire himself made one in frame 1 … The pundits presented their aftermatch assessment: again they analysed some shots. Plus Neal Foulds conducted a lovely interview with Maguire “Fair play!”. Maguire may bang is cue at the table sometimes but he’s always talking straights after matches and very rarely complains.

Liang Wenbo did it again, he wons by 6-5 from 5-3 down … Later Tom Ford complained that Liang Wenbo had been “boring” and slow and dragged him down. I didn’t watch that match but frankly, knowing Wenbo’s style this is a bit baffling. But then Wenbo can be a very patient and skilful safety player when he puts his mind to it…

The evening preview started a short assessment of the afternoon session and they looked at the draw. Neal Foulds conducted a flash interview with Joe Swail. The pundits then analysed the shots and technique from both Swail and Gould.
Their main focus was on Higgins-Burnett. Neal Foulds interviewed Jamie Burnett. Ronnie said he can’t see Higgins losing this game especially as the players know each other so well and Burnett has never beat Higgins.

They were back for the Higgins-Burnett mid session. At that stage John Higgins was 3-1 up but Burnett just made a very good break to pull one back.

Ronnie and Jimmy commented on John Higgins shots – the break-off in particular – highlighting how efficient he is without being spectacular. Neal Foulds gave an update on the Swail – Gould battle.
Plus some walk down the memory lanes …

Jamie Burnett did mount a serious comeback: from 3-1 down, he went to 4-4. John Higgins then, in a typical great champion way played two excellent frames to win 6-4.

During the evening aftermatches, Neal Foulds interviewed John Higgins who was looking forward to his clash against Nail Robertson.
Plus the pundits looked at tomorrow”s QF matches.

Colin teased Ronnie about his prediction that Matt Selt can’t possibly win the tournament … something that didn’t go down well with Selty it seems.

Full day 6 punditry here:

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