Ronnie will not play in Berlin come February 2016

Indeed, tonight, he lost by 5-3 to Stuart Carrington in the last 64 of the German Masters. Here is the report by Worldsnooker.

Ronnie O’Sullivan failed to qualify for the final stages of the German Masters as he lost 5-3 to world number 62 Stuart Carrington in Wigan.

Five-time World Champion O’Sullivan beat Hamza Akbar 5-1 in his first competitive match of the season on Saturday, but defeat against Grimsby’s Carrington means he will not be one of the 32 players heading to the world ranking event in Berlin in February.

After losing the first frame, O’Sullivan made breaks of 126, 51 and 64 in taking a 2-1 lead. But Carrington dominated the fourth then compiled runs of 72 and 87 to lead 4-2. O’Sullivan pulled one back with a 94 but his opponent sealed victory in the next frame.

Carrington, age 25, qualified for the Crucible for the first time last season but has never been beyond the last 32 of a ranking event.

It was actually a good match, and Stuart Carrington was really excellent and deserved the win. Ronnie looked a bit in a hurry at times – it’s quite obvious that he, like most top players, doesn’t like this kind of setup. But I disagree with those who say that he played slap-dash snooker. He did what he usually does: he played an attacking game, trying to take the chances when he saw them, no matter the risks. Hendry in his days was no different. Simply after 8 months without competition he wasn’t quite sharp enough to beat someone playing as well as Carrington did tonight.

You can watch the match (again) here

2016 German Masters: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Stuart Carrington.

And here are the match stats

Scores (Carrington first): Scores: 62-25; 0-126(126); 0-115(51,64); 93-1; 73(72)-39; 87(87)-0; 6-94(94); 70-15
Centuries: Ronnie 126
Referee: Tatiana Woollaston

5 thoughts on “Ronnie will not play in Berlin come February 2016

  1. Ronnie called a foul on himself on his way to a century when touching the pink obstructing the red. Great sportmanship !

  2. At first I’m really disappointed about yesterday’s defeat.
    But I see – despite the defeat – good attitude from Ronnie what is impressive for me.
    He needs to eaise his game with more and more pro matches and the CLS will help it.
    Looking forward to see the ‘Deatch Groups of Championship League’ (with Ronnie, Williams, Higgins plus with Selby, Trump) before the Masters

  3. What a sensational GM this is gonna be without Ronnie, Robbo, Higgins, Ding, Perry and Walden! Well done, Barry Hearn!

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