Championship League Snooker 2016 – January, 4, 2016

The Championship League Snooker 2016, got underway today with the first day of Group 1. Ronnie has entered the event and is playing in Group 1 along with John Higgins, Mark Williams, Barry Hawkins, Ryan Day, Ricky Walden and Robert Milkins.

The format of this event is peculiar as explained on the Championship League  website.

Seven groups of seven players produce seven winners who play in one further group to determine the winner of the 2016 Championship League.

In each group every player will play each other once in a best of five frame match (21 matches) after which the top four players will contest in the play offs; semi finals and final over the best of five frames.

Players will be awarded one point for each match won, then most frames won and the least frames lost in the league series will determine their position in the league table. Dead frames will not be played in either the league or knock-out stages.

The play-off winner will progress to the Winners’ Group of Championship League Snooker while the players coming sixth and seventh in the group will be relegated and will not feature in any further group matches.

Therefore after the group has played its total 24 matches (21 League matches plus play offs semi finals and final) three players will leave and be replaced by a further three players for the next group.


Also on the website is a page with the fixtures and results as they unfold.

Ronnie played three matches today.

Ronnie beat Mark Williams by 3-2.

Scores (Ronnie first): 0-68(66); 97-1; 48-89(78); 122(85)-4; 73-30

Referee: Paul Collier

During the first frame Ronnie looked very rusty and was outplayed. But he improved as the match went on and eventually won it, making a good 85 in the fourth.

Watch the match (again) here:

MissingClip  2016 CLS G1 GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Mark J Williams

Ronnie beat Ricky Walden by 3-0.

Scores (Ronnie first): 18-0; 74(60)-14; 66(65)-23

Referee: Paul Collier

Ricky was really struggling and never really looked like he was going to be a danger to his opponent. The first frame was very bizarre: Ronnie won it by 18-0 without potting a ball. Indeed Ricky found himself facing a difficult safety but not being snookered very early in the frame. He choose to try to run into the pack but hit the pink first twice. He was then warned by Paul Collier that he would lose the frame should he fail to hit a red on the third attempt. Ricky though decided to play the same shot again, hit the pink again and that was that …

Watch the match (again) here:

2016 CLS G1 GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Ricky Walden

Ronnie beat John Higgins by 3-2

Scores (Ronnie first): 1-67(61); 55-73; 73(51)-10; 115(115)-16; 85(81)-13

Referee: Brendan Moore

Ronnie came from 0-2 down to beat John Higgins by 3-2. He looked out of sorts at the start of the match, his long potting in particular not being great. But some very good safeties and his ever reliable break building helped him turn the match around. He made a 115 in frame four, the 796th  century break of his career. There is a genuine possibility that he could reach the 800 mark in Crondon Park this week.

Watch the match (again) here :

MissingClip 2016 CLS G1 GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – John Higgins

This was Ronnie’s last match for today. He’s top of the league table after the afternoon session with only Robert Milkins and him currently undefeated.  This means that he’s in a very good position already to avoid the relegation zone.

After his matches, Ronnie tweeted:

Nothing comes close to crondon park, pure snooker, cue out and play, no faffing about, how it should be