England beats Wales by 5-1 in Cardiff


It was another great night at the Legends yesterday in St David’s Hall in Cardiff.

England – Jimmy White and Ronnie – beat Wales – Matthew Stevens and Mark Williams – by 5-1.
The format was: double over one frame to start, four best of 3 singles with a black ball shoot out if the score gets to 1-1 and another double to conclude. Each win is worth one point for the winner’s team.

Here is ho Jason Francis reported about the night as it went and after

  • England needed a snooker, jimmy got it… Ronnie cleared. 1-0 Ronnie and jimmy
  • Mathew v Ronnie now
  • 105 Matthew Stevens!!!
  • Matthew beats Ronnie and its Wales 1 England 1
  • Jimmy v Mark now
  • Jimmy beats Mark 2-1 England
  • Jimmy beats Matthew 3-1 England Mark v Ronnie now
  • Mark Williams 119
  • Score last night didn’t reflect what a close contest it was. All singles went to respotted blacks and England nailed them Wales didn’t
  • Was great to see Matthew Stevens looking so well and @markwil147 doing what he was told by @jodenwill kids had fun too, lots of laughs
  • So it seems that the Welsh scored the centuries and the English potted the blacks when it mattered most 😉 although “Willo” complained on twitter that Jimmy fluked the last black in their singles match.

    Ronnie was made very welcome in Cardiff: this is what he found in his hotel room …

    Not everything went according to plan though

    Michaela Tabb, who was in charge on the night asked Mark Williams to take a picture of herself with Joanne, Mark’s wife and here is the result … hahaha!


    As usual lots of happy snooker fans on twitter after the event. Great to see!

    The Irish are waiting for the English in two weeks time. Ken Doherty promised that they won’t have it that easy.