The Masters 2016 – QF – Ronnie beats Mark Selby by 6-3

Ronnie came on top of a very anticipated clash with Mark Selby in the first quarter final of the Masters 2016. The key to his win was an excellent long potting. Both players played quite well – there were 11 breaks over 50 in 9 frames – but Ronnie’s 73 clearance to steal frame nine from 70-0 down, and take the match was something very special.

If you missed it or want to watch it again here is the match. Enjoy!

Here are the match details:

Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-3 Mark Selby

Scores (Ronnie first) : 91(63)-51; 51(51)-58(56); 85(69)-24; 112(54,58)-0; 16-85(61); 100(100)-0; 72-40; 18-72(68); 73(73)-70(70)
Match Progress: 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3
Centuries: Ronnie O’Sullivan: 100
Referee: Jan Verhaas


Both players gave excellent press conferences, praising their opponent, not just about today’s performance but about the way they tackle the game in general. Lot’s of respect there!

The interview in the studio:

Also it was nice to see Mark Selby signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans despite the disappointment of losing.

Thanks to Matt Huart for allowing me to use his picture

Quotes from both players (excerpt from World Snooker match report)

 “I wasn’t feeling technically great out there but I still had to go for my shots and try to make things happen,” said O’Sullivan. “I wanted to keep attacking and keep my opponent on the back foot. My long game was really good and I stayed patient.

“Mark is the only player who can win tournaments when he’s not at his best because tactically he is unbelievable and he’s the hardest match player on the circuit. I watched all of his matches during the UK Championship and I realised how difficult he is to play for every opponent – he’s like granite. I realised he doesn’t only play like that against me. I admire his tenacity and his will to win, I’ve got massive respect for him. We’ve had a bit of grudge and needle over the years and I have probably taken it personally, but not any more because I know he’s a great player.”

Selby said: “I didn’t feel I played that badly. I missed a few chances early on. Ronnie’s long game was very good and he made a great clearance in the last frame, otherwise it would have been 5-4 and then it’s game on. He’s definitely playing well enough to win the tournament.

“I find it difficult to play with a tie on because the knot seems to get in the way and I was pulling it one way and the other. It was in my head for the first frame and a half. Every time I got down to a shot I was thinking about whether it was comfortable. From an image point of view I think the ties look a lot better, but the knot is a lot bigger than a dickie bow and it seems to press down on my cue.”