Ronnie tells Desmond Kane about his plans and German Masters tips


Ronnie celebrates his sixth Masters title – picture Reuters

I plan to play faster, more attacking snooker that could revolutionise sport like T20 cricket

In the second part of his latest blog, Ronnie reveals plans to play fellow speed merchant Judd Trump in a new format of snooker that will excite the public. He discusses why he is impressed with the form of Northern Irishman Mark Allen and tells Eurosport’s Desmond Kane why he would consider attempting another of his big loves away from the green baize – Celebrity Big Brother.

‘Guys like me and Judd have a duty to make snooker entertaining’

Judd Trump wants to play me in a few challenge matches with a fresh take on the sport that should be good for the crowds. I’m happy to play. We are in the middle of discussions.

It’s going to be a revamped format, one that will excite the spectators.

“I’d like to see it as a new type of snooker, a bit like 20/20 cricket. I do believe everyone will love it and want more.”

The format won’t suit all the players, but the ones who do will love it.

I do think we will be able to capture a different audience to the one that watches snooker now, which I think is important for the sport to grow.

If it is successful, I can see TV loving it, and wanting to make it into a series of events just like 20/20 cricket.

It’s no good to have just the odd event, it needs be regular for people to engage in it, and stay with it, and support it.

Which will help make it become established.

‘Trump my favourite for German Masters, but Allen a serious contender to win world title’

I’m not a betting man, but here are a few of my predictions for the German Masters.

The form man is Judd.

Trump is due a victory, so don’t be surprised if he has a good run in Berlin. I’m working on it for Eurosport so I hope he does go far as he is a player I really enjoy to watch.

“He plays shots no-one else can, which is always fun to watch.”

The man I’ve been really impressed with is Mark Allen. He has been so consistent all season, and it’s only a matter of time before he wins a major tournament.

“He’s my top outside tip as a man that can win big here, or in Sheffield at the World Championship. “

He has that big-match temperament you can’t teach. It’s not normally the best player that wins the worlds, it’s the guy who handles the pressure well.

Mark Allen is certainly a man that can cope with the strain in the big matches.

‘Darren Day deserves to win latest Celebrity Big Brother…I’d love to do it some day’

One of my favourite things in life is Big Brother, everyone knows what a fan I am, I can’t get enough of it, and I’m backing Darren Day all the way to win the Celebrity Big Brother on Friday.

“I think he has come across as a top guy, a real gentleman. I know people may criticize him for his past, but you can’t hide for over three weeks, and you can see he has real genuine good qualities.”

Gemma Collins is another thing all together, I don’t know what world she lives in, but I’d love to have 10 minutes in her head to find out. She is from another planet.

I don’t know many people like her from Essex, it must be the new generation, but she has been a good housemate for a viewer to watch.

We don’t want to see quiet boring people in there, we want people who say stuff, and have an opinion.

Whether we agree with their opinion, it doesn’t matter.

It’s still good viewing once it’s been edited down so yeah Gemma has provided some good entertainment.

Would I go in there? if I was to go in the house, I think I’d be quiet and boring, that’s why I’ve never done the show.

Although I’d love to experience it one day.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, Neil Robertson and Jimmy White front Eurosport’s exclusive live on-site coverage of the German Masters this week.