Three tons and a 90 – Ronnie’s last 64 in Cardiff

Welsh Open 2016: Ronnie beat Tian Pengfei by 4-0 in the last 64

Ronnie beat Tian Pengfei in emphatic fashion this afternoon. The 4-0 score only tells part of the story: just look at the stats …
He also made three centuries, 112, 110 and 102, bringing his ton tally to 811, so he can be forgiven for failing miserably in frame 2, scoring only 90.

Shame he only entertained the crowd for less than an hour, 39 minutes and 14 seconds exactly. Also, very disrespectful from Ronnie to deprive Brendan Moore from his customary decider. 😄😄😄


Pictures courtesy of my friend Tai Chengzhe – Big thanks!

Some studio quotes from Ronnie just after the match:

“When you get to 40 and you’ve been playing for 25 years, you have to start enjoying it a bit. Yesterday was just a bit of fun.”

“I love doing exhibitions more than playing tournaments. It can be quite grueling sometimes”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about having a bit of a laugh and I hope everyone just sees it as that.”


If you missed it, here is the video of the match.

Ronnie in the media room after the match, being interviewed by Jamie Broughton (BBC radio)


Here is what he had to say (source Worldsnooker – excerpt)

“I was really happy with that.,” said three-time Welsh Open winner O’Sullivan, who had lost his previous two matches against Tian. “I was just trying to play the balls the way I like and it’s always nice to take them.”

Asked about his decision to turn down the chance of a 147 yesterday, O’Sullivan responded: “I don’t see what’s wrong in just bringing a form of entertainment and making it a little bit light hearted because it can be a serious game. Once I step over that line when I’m ready to play, I go into a mindset that I have to be myself. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it wrong, but over the course my career I’d like to think I get it right more times than wrong. I’ve already had 13 maximums, five world titles, six Masters, five UK Championships and hold the record for the most centuries. I think I’ve done some good things.

“If I was to go out there and think about charities, mums, dads, my children, what my cleaners are doing, whether I’ve paid my bills, what Barry Hearn wants me to do, what the public wants me to do…I wouldn’t be able to perform. I’d be too worried. When you cross that line you have to back yourself, you need to grow shoulders deal with whatever is put in front of you.

“Stephen Fry apparently upset someone and he’s one of the most intelligent men on the planet, and he has divided opinion. When you do things differently and unexpectedly it is going to divide opinion. I can’t help what I did yesterday because it comes instinctively.”