Focussed Ronnie wins his last 32 match in Cardiff

Sporting a new haircut, Ronnie beat Jimmy Robertson by 4-0 tonight in the last 32 round of the Welsh Open 2016.

The three first frames were quick as Ronnie played the same brand of fluent snooker as he did yesterday. The last frame was quite different. A relatively long containing safety battle yielded a very awkward table. Neither player was able to build a winning break and both applied themselves patiently. They traded some very good safeties. But eventually it was Ronnie who was able to score better and prevail. The whole match lasted about one hour.

After the match, when interviewed by Jamie Broughton, he expressed his satisfaction about his mindset during the match and to have built some momentum.


Here are Ronnie’s quotes after the match (source Worldsnooker)

“These events leave you with a lot of time on your hands, waiting around for one match a day,” said O’Sullivan, chasing his second title of 2016 having won the Masters last month. “Maybe they should stick an adult crèche here to entertain us because I get so bored. Today I’ve had a haircut, been for a Chinese, been for a coffee, been to a cafe, went to the shops to buy some food, had a sleep and then played a game of snooker. I’d rather play two matches a day.

“I wasn’t born with a great temperament in the way that John Higgins, Mark Selby and Neil Robertson were. We all have weaknesses and I have to work on that.

“Coping with the mental challenge is a skill and I wish I had learned that 20 years ago because I would have won a lot more titles. It was a good professional performance today, I was happy with my mindset. It started scrappy but I was able to keep my cool.”

Some pictures of Ronnie’s new haircut, big thanks to Tai Chengzhe


2016 Welsh Open: preview of the Ronnie O’Sullivan – Jimmy Robertson match (BBC)

You can watch the full match (again) here:

2016 Welsh Open: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Jimmy Robertson

And while others continue to do battle, chances are he’s now going for those:


Dim Sum, he loves them! Bon appétit!