Day 6 in Cardiff – Semi Finals

Both semi finals followed a similar pattern: in both there was a favourite and an underdog (all things being relative of course, because you don’t reach the semi finals unless you are in good form). In both matches, the underdog looked good at the early stages, before the match was turned around.

Mark Allen went 2-0 up on Neil Robertson and looked on his way to 3-0 when he fouled a red with his cue. He looked baffled by the referee’s call and questioned the decision but Terry Camilleri stood his ground. That incident seemed to rattled Mark Allen whilst Neil Robertson took advantage to reduce his deficit to 2-1. After that Neil went on a roll, taking five frames on the trot. With his back against the wall, Mark fought valliantly to come back to 5-4. He had a chance to force a decider but took a difficult last red close to the cushion and into a blind pocket, missed it and left it … that was that.

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All the results and statistics are available on . Thank you Ron Florax.