Table for two …

Yesterday, Ronnie was at Spencer’s Pool Bar in Yarmouth and I’ll leave it to Jason Francis on twitter to do the reporting:

5am get in today in Watford!!! Great night at Spencer’s in Yarmouth. 8 frames… 6 centuries, a 97 and one where he was crap! #notgoodenough

The highlight was a 120 in frame 7.

Today we have this:


Let’s hope Ronnie will be wide awake because it’s been a short night last night, traveling back from Yarmouth to London…

And he has more on his plate: indeed Eurosport is doing some filming with Ronnie and Joe Johnson. It’s been 30 years since Joe won the World Championship, a 150-1 outsider who had never won a match at the Crucible until that year.

One thought on “Table for two …

  1. Ronnie you are a tremendous character and I remember Joe Johnson win World Championship in 1986 when I first started playing snooker great memories

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