Championship League Snooker 2016 – Ronnie Runner-up

Ronnie’s unbeaten record in 2016 came to an end yesterday afternoon when he lost to an excellent Mark Williams in the last match of the League stage in the Winners Group of the Championship League Snooker 2016. Ronnie was on a 24 consecutive matches winning streak but somehow we saw that coming: he wasn’t at his best over the last two days and yesterday, both of his first League matches went to a deciding frame. But 24 matches won in a row, isn’t too bad eh? The 88 in the deciding frame against Ali Carter was a failed maximum attempt.

Screen RonCLSWinnersGroupLeagueDay2.png

Actually, Ronnie looked very tired at the end of the day yesterday and I wasn’t expecting too much in the play-offs, especially as he has already qualified for the Champion of Champions 2016 (by winning the Masters 2016) so maybe didn’t have as much an incentive to fight and win as the other players still in the tournament.

But he actually played better in the Semi Finals and the Final than he had in the League Stage. He beat Matthew Selt quite convincingly.

The Final was in fact an entertaining match played at breathtaking pace, except for the 4th frame. Ronnie actually scored more points in that match than Judd and made two centuries, his first this week. But it’s the scrappy 4th frame that made the difference. Judd was first to build a lead and Ronnie had to play catch up. He closed the gap aided by a very good break: he had to work hard for it because the table situation was far from promising. But crucially he wasn’t able to dislodge the last red from the side cushion and ultimately it was Judd who won that frame, forcing a decider. In the deciding frame, Judd knocked a long red from Ronnie’s break off and made 73 from there. Ronnie came back at the table already needing snookers. He won the safety battle but missed immediately a red, playing with the rest. Judd finished the job. Well done to Judd Trump, he is the Championship Leagues Snooker 2016 Champion, and the only multiple winner of the event. He’s won this tournament three times now.


All detailed results of the tournament are on cuetracker, thanks to Ron Florax.

League Stage:

Ronnie 3-2 Matthew Selt

MissingClip 2016 CLS WG GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Matthew Selt

Ronnie 3-2 Ali Carter

2016 CLS WG GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Allister Carter

Mark Williams 3-0 Ronnie

MissingClip 2016 CLS WG GM: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Mark J Williams

Semi Finals:

Ronnie 3-0 Matthew Selt

MissingClip 2016 CLS WG SF: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Matthew Selt


Judd Trump 3-2 Ronnie

MissingClip 2016 CLS WG FINAL: Ronnie O’Sullivan – Judd Trump