A week-end of snooker

The week-end started for Ronnie with two club nights at Towers, Mansfield, on Friday, with Dennis Taylor and Michaela Tabb, and on Saturday, with Brendan Moore and Willie Thorne. Not much transpired about it – Jason Francis was quiet on twitter – except that both nights were sold out, packed and that Ronnie won 16 frames out of 16 …

Great night in Tower, Mansfield on March 18, 2016

Between those two exhibitions, Ronnie was in Sheffield at the Star Snooker Academy, doing some filming and interviews for his next Eurosport Show. According to Rolf Kalb on twitter, this show should be on our screens on March 29, 2016.


Finally, on Sunday night, Ronnie was in Leicester, in Breakers, Ben Woollaston mother’s club, for another Club Night.

Ronnie made a 147 and two other centuries (101 and 131); the 147 was refereed by a very happy Tatiana Woollaston … it was her first maximum.

You can watch it here, thanks to Ronnie’s “victim” who had it recorded and posted it on youtube:



My 147 selfie with the maximum man Ronnie O’ Sullivan #‎happyref #‎happyplayer

Just refereed my first 147 break! Thanks to Ronnie O’sullivan for making this evening at Breakers Snooker club so special!

(Tatiana Woollaston on Facebook)

And this was Ronnie on twitter, after the show

Great night at @ben_Woollaston mums snooker club, thanks for a great evening. Good luck at the PTC in Manni

Of course he was rewarded properly for his efforts, as we got to know thanks to Jason Francis on twitter:

…can confirm the prize for the maxi was a pecan Danish at Northampton. Services.


As for me, I didn’t see any of it … because I was at the WDBS (World Disability Billiard and Snooker) Manchester Classic in the Q’s Sport Bar  in … Manchester.

It was an absolutely amazing event: those men and women love their sport. They have to overcome immense difficulties, physical, emotional and material,  and their inventiveness in doing that is remarkable, as are their courage and resilience. There is no prize money and most of them are on meagre disability benefits and, yet, here they are, playing and competing with a smile on their faces. Hats off!

Please check the WDBS facebook page for infos, pictures and results.

Here are a few images (taken by me) among many more …


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  1. How wonderful! Thank you for the video! It is a pity that this maxima will not be counted because it is not in a tournament. I’m right? I wonder how much Ronnie made such highs outside competitions.

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