Ronnie Eurosport Show latest

Here is the latest Ronnie Show on Eurosport, that got out yesterday on the first day of the World Champioship 2016.

In part 1,  Ronnie is interviewed by Andy Goldstein about his game, what he expects, and his hopes for the World Championship. Basically at this stage of his carreer, Ronnie wants to enjoy himself as well as entertain. Of course he still wants to win, but he’s not all about winning and he tells us why.

In part 2, Ronnie analyses that 73 clearance he made at the Masters to win his QF match against Mark Selby. He also pays a visit to the Star Academy in Sheffield, to meet the coaches, and discuss what it takes to develop young talents

A very, very interesting show, and one that answers the questions fans might have when reading the press yesterday and today; there are articles around claiming that winning isn’t that important to Ronnie, others going about him not having the drive Stephen Hendry had … well the answers are here, given by Ronnie himself in his own words.

Today Ronnie will start his Crucible 2016 campaign against a very, very capable player. Make no mistake, David Gilbert can play and he’s match sharp whilst Ronnie, like all seeds, will come here cold and with all the pressure. There is nothing that guarantees that Ronnie will win, and if he doesn’t, it won’t mean that he didn’t care or didn’t try. Players are no robots, run to the table to play and win. They are humans, with their good and less good days, their hopes and their fears. Fans should always remember that.