Miscellaneous Ronnie news …

Ronnie will face Barry Hawkins in the last 16 of the Wotld Championship 2016, the first of their (possibly) three sessions is scheduled on Saturday, 23 April, at 14:30.

Following his snub of his media duties, after his last 32 match, Ronnie has been formally warned, but not otherwise punished. Here is Worldsnooker statement as reported by the Guardian

In a statement, World Snooker said: “Ronnie O’Sullivan has received a formal warning from World Snooker following his failure to fulfil media obligations at the Betfred World Championship on Monday.

“This is in line with World Snooker procedure as it is his first breach of contract this season. Any further breaches will result in a fine and possible referral to the WPBSA [World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association].”

It has to be stressed that Ronnie has very rarely refused to fulfill his media duties over the years, as reported by Hector Nunns, but as ever, when it’s about him it’s always big news.
There are other players who are a bit of “serial offenders” in the matter but it barely hits the news …

Meanwhile we can also enjoy some funny videos courtesy of Eurosport …

Ronnie launches the colours challenge on Eurosport

Ronnie’s desert island picks


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  1. Thank you very much for the news about Ronnie.
    I think Ronnie was very unhappy with his playing with Gilbert. Even very angry at myself. So he did not go to the news conference. Given his psychological mood, maybe it’s for the better. He needed to calm down and fight on. Good luck and patience.

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