Crucible 2016: aftermaths …

So the season is over and here are a few thoughts and news as an aftermath of the World Championship.

Tickets crisis 

This year, more than ever, fans have found it hard to get tickets at an affordable price. Yet, there were plenty of empty seats in the arena on the first day of the final: I was there, I saw it with my own eyes. So what’s the problem? Well I gave my opinion on this in a previous post. It hasn’t changed, I believe that the capacity of the Crucible is far below the demand and this in turn generates unhealthy speculation.

On the day of the final, tickets for next year went on sale. I was online within a minute of the launch, trying to get tickets for the final. There was already a queue of 3000+ ahead of me. I went to the theatre itself, and people were queuing up to half of Tudor square…

Is this sustainable? I don’t think so …

Crucible, we love you 

Despite this ticket issue, fans, sponsors and players essentially would like to stay at the Crucible. No money can buy you history. They should be happy as it has been announced that the World Championship will stay there for another decade. This has been widely reported in the press and this article is just one of many on the subject.

Global sport

Ding’s run to the final boosted interest in snooker in China, as you might guess. It is reported that no less than 210 millions watched the match on CCTV5 only … now, don’t come up again with the “18.5 millions in 1985” and “snooker is dying” nonsense. There is a world outside UK, and television outside the BBC, you know…

Sour grapes? 

Mark Selby is a hard, hard match player, who never gives up and will use every strength he has to win. That’s what he did during the final. This is why he is Champion again.

Yet it attracted criticism, and suggestions by fellow pros that the rules should be changed. Have a look at the twitter feeds of Stephen Hendry, Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson.  Personally I wouldn’t want any rule change, especially any change that would turn snooker into some kind of pool. The only thing I would want to see is the section 4 of the rules being enforced. But that would have made no difference in this final: neither Mark Selby, nor Ding took unduly long time over shots. Mark often chose safety over attack, knowing he is brilliant at it, and why should he not?


Someone who didn’t criticise Mark Selby, despite obvious sympathy for Ding and his style of play, is Ronnie. He was in the studio, with Jimmy White and Neil Foulds, and occasionally with Ronnie Wood and Dolly the dog, and their analysis and comments were both interesting, intelligent and fair. You can listen to them commenting during the final, plus a few very nice features and interviews. Thanks Snooker For All

The Semi Finals:

2016 WSC: preview+MSI+review of the Ding Junhui – Alan McManus match (Session3, Eurosport)

2016 WSC: preview+MSI of the Mark Selby – Marco Fu match (Session4, Eurosport)

The Final:

Session 1:

MissingClip 2016 WSC: preview+MSI+review of the Mark Selby – Ding Junhui match (Session1, Eurosport)


MissingClip 2016 WSC: preview+MSI+review of the Mark Selby – Ding Junhui match (Session2, Eurosport)

Session 3:

MissingClip 2016 WSC: preview+MSI+review of the Mark Selby – Ding Junhui match (Session3, Eurosport)

Session 4:

MissingClip 2016 WSC: preview+MSI+review of the Mark Selby – Ding Junhui match (Session4, Eurosport)

All detailed results are on

3 thoughts on “Crucible 2016: aftermaths …

  1. The Sunday sessions and the Monday afternoon were not sold out. Several people were queuing before the sessions at the box office and everyone got a ticket. The Crucible has always taken returns and it is to be applauded. Not to be applauded are the many people drinking at the Crucible bar, which is only available to ticket holders (“airside”, so to speak) – so even if someone has a ticket you can’t actually force them to go in the arena. Funny how a lot of those empty seats are in rows F G H which are where the corporates and VIPs are put. As a fan who attends almost every session, that angers me.

    • I know they are taking returns, and indeed they are to be applauded for it. I went to the box office, every day, every morning and most of the days at least once during the day. I was told, every single time, that there were no tickets for the final… until the Friday afternoon when I could finally get one, on the very last row, for the Sunday night. They told me they had just that one at that moment. On the Monday morning, around 10, I went to the Crucible again, and asked. They then told me that there would be tickets for the afternoon session, but that there was not – at that time – a specific queue for the session and that I had to queue with everyone else. Remember it was the morning the tickets for next year went on sale and there were people up to the middle of Tudor square. Ir was drizzling as well, so, I admit, I gave up.

  2. Monique, I was online too at 9.02am and was “3902” in the queue! Its crazy! Especially when some of the seats are going to viagogo and some as very pricey VIP tickets. I’ve started a blog myself by the way, it’s here if anyone wants a read 🙂

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