News Of The World … of Snooker

Various news have emerged in the recent days, some of them rather … surprising and, erhhh, controversial.

Let’s start with the good / non controversial ones

Worldsnooker has published the (provisional) calendar for the new season .

Betfred has extended their sponsorship of the World Championship up to 2019, you can read more about this on Worldsnooker site .

The Q-School is underway and you can follow the scores on Worldsnooker website or on

AND, now the controversial bit,  it was announced today that this season the Shootout will be extented to 128 players and will be ranking . Yes, you read it right!

It’s an understatement to say that this news wasn’t well received by many players and they made their opinions clear on the social media, twitter and facebook (Peter Ebdon Mark Williams, Neil Robertson, Mark Allen being the top protesters)… and Barry Hearn dismissed them as he does, and promised more “news”. We better be prepared then.

Now what follows is my – Monique Limbos- personal opinion and mine only .

This decision is ludicrous, stupid and devaluates the rankings and snooker as a sport. This is an event where “matches are played over ONE frame, under variant rules (need to hit a cushion, ball in hand after foul), with a ridiculous shot-clock time of 10 seconds for half of the “match” and a time limit of 10 minutes. Add to it a vociferous and often drunken crowd and you have the perfect recipe for slapstick, and it’s indeed what you get.

The prize money for this, last season was 32K, more than a PTC where players had to win 7 best of 7. If the current logic of doubling the prize with each round is used, it will be 64K this season, more than the Welsh Open last season. Remember that it would mean that the player who wins 7 frames  under variant rules and a preposterously short shot-clock, would get more ranking points than the winner of a proper ranking event with a huge history. You’re kidding Barry ? Apparantly not… I though ranking was supposed to reflect who the better players are, I’m probably outdated and naïve, but to me this is a disgrace and an insult to players skills.








3 thoughts on “News Of The World … of Snooker

  1. I classify this as many things in my life, according to the Serenity Prayer. I can’t change it and I know it. Barry doesn’t listen to me.

    i have some thoughts about this, and they’re mixed.

    1) Because of the random nature of the Shoot-Out, it’s possible that a journeyman player will win and this may be enough to keep him alive on the tour for another season. (positive)

    2) By making it a ranking event, more sponsorship dollars could be milked. Anything that raises the profile of the sport could help attract new advertisers. (positive)

    3) Any new viewers who tune in and take a liking to the Shoot-Out because its pace and atmosphere will have a rude shock when they watch every other event. By comparison a normal tournament will look as exciting as watching grass grow. (negative, and I think this outweighs the others)

    Feel free to disregard my opinion as I’m a dopey Yank who didn’t grow up with snooker and only came to it late.

    • I would never disregard your opinion Kenn …
      That said, this season Robin Hull won it and got 32K . Indeed it’s a massive help for a very good player who’s career has be marred by health issues and I was delighted for him. But it doesn’t need to be ranking for good money to be paid, it actually paid much better than any, ranking, European or Asian tour event.
      I’m also not convinced that sponsors will want to be associated with this circus if it’s ranking. Ranking means that not only money is at stake, but career too. I expect the players to be a lot more stressed, not enjoying it and the event to be a lot duller because of it.
      Any way, it shouldn’t be ranking very simply because it’s not played under the rules of snooker, it’s variant rules, it’s a different game. Would you agree to add to the tennis main tour a RANKING event where for instance playing a volley would be a foul because the ball HAS to rebound before you can hit it and were each game is decided on just one point? It would be a different sport, wouldn’t it? well it’s the same here.

  2. Barry Hearn’s ideas are getting more and more frustrating and stupid. He is harmful not Snookerrom.

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