Trips and treats

Ronnie is back on the road for about 10 days, traveling to Scotland, Ireland and Germany – with a one night stop in England in the middle – for exhibition and club nights. This is  his warm-up for the Eleven-30 series with Judd starting on June. You can check the where and when here .

First stop was yesterday evening in Arbroath, Scotland, for a club night. Very little filtered about the action but we were informed that the Legends gang duly sampled the local smokies. Obviously important things have to come first and a famished snooker player isn’t any good!


We also got to know, thanks to Jason on twitter, that Ronnie made back to back centuries at a point, including a 118 – he missed the blue for a possible 136. Also it filtered that John Virgo nicked Michaela Tabb’s white gloves for the last frame …

Here are a few pictures posted on twitter:


I’ll post more if / when I know more…

Meanwhile you can enjoy those two treats:

This is Ronnie in Morocco on April 9; it was posted very recently (9 May 2016) on YouTube!

As someone made this: Ronnie’s first and fasted 147 … in LEGO


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