More smokies …

This is an early tweet by Jason Francis, the Snooker Legends promoter

Up early to start the long trip south for legends tonight in Hoddesdon #sellout Ronnie v Hendry

So, Ronnie is on his way to Ireland today, but not without being fully fed and prepared

Last smokie of my Arbroath trip, this time I’m having it with poached eggs. 🐟🐟🐟🍳🍳

was this morning first tweet, whilst yesterday evening was

I’ve had 4 smokies today


He also informed us, on twitter, that they are so good that he’s getting some shipped to England. Clearly he’s in love!

But what about the snooker?

Well, again, not much filtered …

Jason Francis on twitter , posted a few pictures and told us that Ronnie started with a “shabby” 118, playing one of the club owners, Mark Fleming, and had a 109 in frame 3 … then I’m not sure what happened. Maybe they were following Eurovision (only kidding).

Anyway, this looks like a happy aftermath picture, posted on twitter by Jason

The two brothers who made it happen. Mark and Ryan Fleming @shotz147


Update: I’ve just been informed by Jason that Ronnie won all 16 frames, made 2 centuries the first night and 3 centuries on the second night.

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