Snooker Legends in Telford

A1 Ronnie Reanne Telford

It was another great Legends night in Telford yesterday, with Ronnie and Reanne Evans, 11th time Ladies World Champion, “supervised” by Michaela Tabb, with John Virgo, replacing Dennis Taylor, as host and compère.

Before the show the Legends made themselves available to sign goods and give autographs. Ronnie must have taken a zillion selfies with the fans as well.

The show started, as often, with John Virgo executing a few trick shots and entertaining the crowd with funny snooker annecdotes.

Then came the match between Reanne and Ronnie, a best of 7.

Ronnie ran to a 3-0 lead before the interval, with breaks of 77, 56 and 134, that proved to be the highest break of the night. After the interval, he added a fourth frame to his tally, with another sizeable break, to effectively win the match. At 4-0 down, Reanne hadn’t settled to be fair, she hadn’t got much table time. But a blotched safety from Ronnie gave her the opportunity she needed. She made the most of it: a great 103,  the second ton of the evening. She then won the last frame  with an excellent 88, whilst Ronnie was showing his appreciation from the comfort of his seat…


To conclude the event, the winners of the raffle, Matt and Carlos, won a signed cue and had the opportunity to play a double with the Legends. Matt and Ronnie won the match but Carlos and Reanne played their part. It was a lot of fun and laughter, spiced by John Virgo’s commentary and impersonation of hawkeye …


Next show, tonight, club night in Birmingham!