Eleven30 – Judd Trump wins the first event


Judd won the first event of six in the new Eleven30 Series. The match was very close, and went to a deciding frame, that Judd won on the final colors. According to reactions on twitter, it was a great match, and a great evening for all … except maybe Ronnie junior who was there with his dad and very disappointed to see him lose in the end.

Both players had the opportunity to do make a maximium, and missed. Both made a century on the night: 122 for Ronnie, 106 for Judd.

A big thanks to Steve Kent (@maximumsnooker)  who kept us informed on twitter all evening about how things were panning out, and provided great pictures all along. Read his feed for details about how the match unfotlded.

Michaela Tabb kept a sharp eye on the proceedings, and Jimmy White who presented the trophy, also played a bit of snooker against a member of the public.

Exhibition (03.06.2016.): Judd Trump 147 attempt – Ronnie O’Sullivan

And here are pictures of the evening, posted on twitter by Jason Francis (@SnookerLegends), Django Fung (&Grovesnooker) and , mainly, Steve Kent(@maximumsnooker)