Eleven30 Series 2016 – leg 4 – All square

Ronnie won the 4th leg of the Eleven30 series in Petersborough, beating Judd Trump by an emphatic 6-0, with breaks of 114, 84, 77, 109, 57, and 112. It’s now all squares in the series, with Ronnie leading by 7 centuries to 3, which could prove crucial if they end up at 3-3 next week-end. All to play for though! Great for the fans.

Ronnie played very, very well but Judd wasn’t probably at his sharpest having been stranded on the motorway en route to the venue. Not ideal preparation obviously.

Anyway here is Jason Francis account of the night on twitter (minus typos):

  • In early for practice… Serious stuff here in Peterborough
  • Packed

  • Huge reception

  • Underway… Ronnie first chance

  • 114 break Ronnie!! 1-0 great start

  • Judd at the table in frame 2!!

  • Judd goes in off on 31, chance for Ronnie to strike back

  • Ronnie makes 84 to go 2-0

  • Ronnie is flying! 77 clearance and its 3-0

  • 109 Ronnie break!! 4 -0 now and 6-3 in tons

  • Time for some naughty snooker methinks

  • Back underway…

  • Frame 5, Ronnie in first

  • Ronnie 57 up in frame 5 but Judd now has a chance…

  • Looking like 5-0 Ronnie now… Judd has only missed a couple. Tough school

  • Ronnie is flying….. This may be over very soon. 61 and counting

  • 112 to finish! 6-0 Ronnie

  • Great night @Dafabet in Peterbotough. Jimmy now putting on a show for the crowd

  • Ronnie was flying tonight but you know Judd will be right up for next weekend!!!

  • I fully expect @judd147t to come flying at Ronnie next week. Dangerous now… Game on

  • Well done @AmberDewEvents on packing out the legends match tonight

Exhibition (03.09.2016.): event review

And a few pictures put on twitter by Jason and the promoter:

2 thoughts on “Eleven30 Series 2016 – leg 4 – All square

  1. Peterborough was an amazing night and a vintage top quality Snooker display by Ronnie O’Sullivan. Judd’s motorway breakdown can’t of helped his preparation, but I am sure both Bradford and Preston Eleven 30 Events this weekend will both be very close run encounters. Best of luck to both Ronnie and Judd this weekend – Lord Russell Baker (Amber Dew Events).

  2. Great stuff….shame about Judd`s car trouble….can’t wait for the guys to arrive at Preston next Sunday for our turn for some naughty snooker… #bringiton

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