Eleven30 Series – Leg 5 – Ronnie takes the lead in Bradford

Ronnie now leads 3-2 in the Eleven30 series, after beating Judd Trump in another tense match that went to a decider. He also leads Judd by 8-3 in the “tons score” and holds the high break, 141. Tonight they will play the 6th and last leg and Judd has it all to do!

Here is Jason Francis account of the Bradford evening.

  • Bradford is going to ROCK tonight
  • Doors open
  • Jimmy now underway

  • 1300 here in Bradford

  • The atmosphere here in Bradford is amazing!!!! #loud

  • Jv in action

  • If anyone has a video of the player walk ons get it up cos it was like one direction walked out!! #Bradford

  • Judd went 50 up but Ronnie cleared with 77, 1-0 rocket

  • Judd 84! 1-1

  • Scrappy third frame

  • Judd 2-1

  • Ronnie 141!!!! 2-2

  • Frame 5.. Important

  • Ronnie 71 and counting 3-3 here

  • Frame 7.. Ronnie flukes the red

  • Ronnie 4-3

  • Ronnie 5-3 Judd has it all to do

  • Ronnie is in frame 9

  • 42 and counting

  • Judd has the chance of a fantastic clearance here, Ronnie only needed one red

  • Take a bow @judd147t fantastic 4-5 now

  • Judd needs the respotted black

  • Ronnie tried to cut it in!!! Leaves it on. 5-5 DECIDER

  • Final frame… First chance Ronnie

  • Ronnie wins 6-5!!!!!!

  • So Ronnie wins an epic match in Bradford… But Judd can level up the series tonight but to win he needs 5 centuries as Ronnie is 8-3 up

  • 5 and beat 141.. Easy!

Exhibition (10.09.2016.): Ronnie O’Sullivan 88 – Judd Trump

And here some pictures posted on twitter by Jason (mainly) Django and fans

2 thoughts on “Eleven30 Series – Leg 5 – Ronnie takes the lead in Bradford

  1. Bradford looked fantastic with the tables up close to the matchplay… we went to Preston and had a fantastic time last night to see the Grand Finale with Ronnie getting beat on the night but coming out the eventual winner on centuries made being the deciding factor….

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