European Masters 2016 – Ronnie beats Daniel Wells by 4-0 in held-over last 64

Ronnie won his last 64 held-over match in Bucharest last night, beating Daniel Wells by 4-0. Although some aspects of his game are improving – he did knock a few lovely long ones in – he is still far from his best and the score line is a bit misleading.

Or maybe not … because it was earned the hard way, through determination and sheer professionalism. Ronnie stayed focused all along, never letting the bad shots get at him and that was key to the result. Bizarrely, what he struggled with was positional play: he lost the white a few times. Also, he’s usually one of the very best at developing the pack, using delicate little cannons. Those weren’t working this time. In his press conference (see below) he explained that conditions were very heavy and that he needs to get used to it.

You can watch the match (again) here:

And here is Ronnie’s post-match interview by Worldsnooker
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Official match photography from the European Masters in Bucharest. All photos by Lewis Ward

Tonight Ronnie will face David Gilbert, in a rematch of last April last 32 at the Crucible. He needs to improve to win this, but he’s still in the tournament, so everything is still possible.