World Grand Prix 2017 – Ronnie outplayed by Neil Robertson in last 16

Ronnie lost by 4-1 to Neil Robertson, this afternoon.

Here are the match stats:


As you can see, it was a pretty one-sided match and Neil played very well; he totally deserved the win. A key factor was that Ronnie’s potting let him down: he missed a few balls that he would normally get from the very start of the match, which of course gave Neil confidence and put Ronnie himself under pressure. Basically once Neil went in, he won the frame in one visit, that’s how well he played. In frame 4, the whitewash looked very much on the cards when Neil unexpectedly missed, being  56-11 in front with 67 on the table. The way things had gone, I never expected Ronnie to win the frame from there … but he did despite losing position on the last pink he needed. But that’s as far as it went. In the next frame, Ronnie missed a difficult red, and Neil sealed the victory with another big break.

The only positive is that Ronnie really tried his hardest. Twice in the first frame, he came back to the table, needing far too many snookers to have any hope to win it but to try and get some table time and feel of the conditions.

Here is the report on Worldsnooker

Thursday 9 Feb 2017 06:47PM

Neil Robertson produced a sparkling performance to dispatch Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-1 and reach the quarter-finals of the Ladbrokes World Grand Prix in Preston.

The Australian had lost the previous three meetings between the pair and was seeking  revenge for his recent defeat at the Masters.

The Thunder from Down Under stamped his authority from the off, making breaks of 80, 70 and 43, to storm to a 3-0 advantage. That took him within one frame of inflicting a first whitewash defeat on O’Sullivan in a full ranking event since the 2006 China Open against James Wattana.

However, the five-time World Champion managed to get on the scoreboard, winning the fourth frame on the final pink. Robertson wasn’t to be denied and charged to the line with a break of 83 to secure victory.

I worked really hard on the practice table yesterday evening and put a lot of things right,” said Robertson. “I was full of confidence, knowing in myself that I was going to be playing very well. That was probably one of the better performances I’ve had against Ronnie. There wasn’t a lot he could have done about the result. My safety was fantastic and long potting very good. It was probably the performance of the season so far for me.

Here are some pictures courtesy of Tai Chengzhe. Thanks Tai! 


Videos of interest:

The match:

Here is the match analysis by Alan McManus and Neal Foulds with the winner:

Missing Clip

At the end of this video, Neal Foulds conducts an interview with Ronnie, who looked quite down. True to his word he keeps it short, but without the robot impression: Neil played very well and deserved the win, as for himself it was one of these days where nothing worked.

10 thoughts on “World Grand Prix 2017 – Ronnie outplayed by Neil Robertson in last 16

  1. Furthermore, you can’t call yourself a fan if you’re willing to throw in the towel every time he loses a match. All in or all out as they say.

  2. Things aren’t getting worrying at all actually. ROS one the Masters two weeks ago, and has lost two matches since. Can you tell me any player who is actually consistent nowadays? Even Selby who’s hyped as the most consistent player of all has been suffering a string of poor results. So to say things are worrying regarding ROS is a tad extreme. He’ll be back, and he’s got plenty of titles left in him.

    • Ronnie has been consistently inconsistent since the beginning of the season. He won the Masters, great, but the performance was incomparable to his 2014 form. I’m his huge fan but I don’t quite understand why people are so sure his old form is going to be back. He’s 41, it’s quite possible that his best days are well behind him…I’m not even surprised when he loses in1st-2nd rounds

      • Yes, he is inconsistent, they all are if you noticed. Even Mark Selby lost his consistency recently. I put that down to the hectic schedule. They don’t have much time to practice and matchplay isn’t making up for that. They need both: playing matches to be match sharp and having practice sessions to work on their technique.

  3. What I find frustrating though is to see the same player who potted everything against Ronnie this afternoon, making a lot of mistakes this evening …

    • Yes, I had the same thoughts and if Neil did only some of his mistakes against Ronnie, who knows….?????
      So I am a little disappointed and wish Ronnie good luck and good performance for the next tournements.

      • That’s what frustrates me so badly. Even in the World Championships 2016, he lost to B.Hawkins and in Hawkins’ next match, he got smashed by Fu. Its utterly frustrating. But don’t worry, Ronnie will be back. He’s got plenty of titles left, we’ve just gotta ride through this rough patch.

  4. I guess I made a mistake comparing Ronnie to Colbert, as Stephen makes people happy, whereas Ronnie seems to disappoint his fans all the time. Total loser. sad.

    • The total loser won the Masters only a couple of weeks ago. I suggest that you go and support another player Adam, one who wins all the time preferably.

      • obviously, the “total loser, sad” part was a joke. but you can’t deny that things are getting pretty worrying, can you?

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