Players Championship 2017 – An interview… sort of.

Yesterday BBC Wales published an interview with Ronnie after his defeat to Judd Trump in Llandudno. To most questions he answers just with one word, except for the one where he choses to sing … which, frankly, he’s not exactly gifted for.

This is it:

Most people who saw this had a good laugh…

However not everyone did. One blogger in particular argued that it is silly, childish, driven by the hurt of defeat and attention seeking.

Yes, defeat hurts, and players try to deal with it the best they can, each in their own way. One thing though that is common to all of them is that giving an interview right after a defeat is NOT something they want to do, they usually just want to be left alone and out of the venue as soon as possible. The last thing they want after losing is attention.

I may be wrong but I have not seen any other interview with the losers this week, only Ronnie. Why? Because he is box office and THE MEDIA wants this, not him, and as Hector Nunns stated in this article, Ronnie has probably given more time to the media than all the others together. He’s an emotional person who sometimes says the wrong thing in the heat of the moment, sure, and, make no mistake, the media love it, it sells. He’s been fined  for expressing opinions that WPBSA deemed potentially damaging to the sport or disrespectful and he has decided to take a minimalist, and humoristic, stance regarding interviews. As Mark Williams tweeted this morning:

at least he ain’t gunna fined this way

I have heard some weird interviews after defeats. I have heard a player answering every question with the same two words sentence, before storming out of the room, I have heard a player being very rude in a personal way towards his opponent, I have seen a player growing really aggressive towards a journalist who, in fairness, was doing everything in their power to get the said player in that state. Those were top 16 players. I have seen right sour losers rants, excuses and tears. Most of the time it’s not reported at all and probably it shouldn’t be indeed. However when it comes to Ronnie it usually makes the headlines. Also, when reported it should at least be done, fairly, in context, which is not always the case.

Players are human beings, not robots. True, they have duties towards their sport, talking to the press is one of them, but maybe not just minutes after a defeat for instance. The authorities also have a duty to protect their players when exposed to stressful situations. It would probably work to both sides advantage.

This is just my personal opinion and nodody else’s.

5 thoughts on “Players Championship 2017 – An interview… sort of.

  1. I love Ronnie since 2006.

    I think after The Masters World Snooker asked him NOT TO SWEAR and – whether if Ronnie is right or not – respect the referee. If Ronnie has a problem with the ref ASK WORLD SNOOKER…

  2. Aha, aha, very interesting, very interesting, surely is worth an article…I love that the most exciting thing about Ronnie right now is his interviews…

  3. Rest assured, the media loves it and so do most of the people: I just showed it to my bf (thanks for posting it btw) and he (and I) loved it and he said he’s very much looking forward to such interviews and really enjoys Ronnie’s ability to give such one-word quips. It will just make him to be even more in demand for interviews (while the questions were frightfully close to “are you going to slit your wrists now that you lost”?).

    (There was a post-match interview after Fu lost at the Welsh open, I think, and the journalist commented that Fu was a gentleman in defeat just as in victory – did I sense some disappointment there?)

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