More interesting than an interview?

This one may please Adam … maybe.

This video was shared on twitter by  Ronnie’s close friend Mike:

And Mike observed that Ronnie needs to start winning some more soon judging by the state of his shoes …


Need to win a few more tourneys   @ronnieo147 look at the daisies @Snookerlegends

Now seriously, Ronnie has been working hard on his game in recent weeks and months, and at some point it will click. Hopefully in time for the big one.

And 2 and 1/2 hours later …

4 thoughts on “More interesting than an interview?

  1. Haha, certainly better, let’s hope the practice pays off unless it’s time to sing My way

    • Adam, what will you sing if Ronnie wins the world title? Let me say that you’re the funniest fan of Ronnie. I wait always for your comments.

      • Thx Bernd, I appreciate that (Btw I will think about that song when I see any chance that I’ll have to sing it)

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