3 thoughts on “Ronnie’s Statement

  1. You deserve to win many, many more world titles (and Masters titles). Don’t let the authorities get you down. All your fans are behind you and wish you well for this tournament. Enjoy your next match and show everyone you ARE the greatest snooker player alive!

  2. I hope the press and the World Snooker executives can respect this wish from Ronnie. It’s a fair request that is for certain.

    Just know Ronnie how much your fans appreciate all you have given to this incredible sport all these years. And although there are many, many talented snooker players, I don’t think anyone has contributed as much as you have and it is truly disturbing how you are being treated by World Snooker.

    Your fans are with you in spirit during the World’s and we are supporting you from all over the world.
    Best wishes.

    • I second this. Could not have said it any better!

      Win a 6th title Ronnie, not only for your fans but for yourself

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