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World Seniors Tour

Following the success of the Seniors World Championship in 2017, Jason Francis is now launching full-fledged Seniors Tour, with 4 main events: the Seniors UK Championship 2017, the Seniors Irish Masters 2018, the Seniors World Championship 2018 and the Seniors Masters 2018, plus 16 qualifying events open to all amateurs aged 40 or more. Jimmy White and Ken Doherty have been allowed to enter the UK Championship and the Irish Masters, despite competing on the Main Tour as “invitational cards holders”

Seniors Tour 2017/18 – Press Release



Following on from the first World Seniors Championship, under the stewardship of Jason Francis at Snooker Legends, the snooker promoter has today announced the first ever World Seniors Tour in partnership with Stephen Hendry, which will once again give all over 40’s amateur players the chance to play in some of the sport’s most iconic venues.

The World Seniors Championship returns to Scunthorpe, and once again the winner will take his place at Ponds Forge in the 2018 Worlds. 4 Qualifiers battled it out with the likes of Stephen Hendry, and eventual winner Peter Lines, in March, this time 8 Amateur qualifiers will get their chance. The dates are 21st – 24th March 2018.

The UK Seniors Championship will be staged at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, Surrey. 8 Legends will battle it out with 4 qualifiers with the winner carrying off £7500. The dates are Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th October.

The iconic venue Goffs, in County Kildare, will once again stage the Irish Masters, albeit the Seniors Irish Masters. 6 legends will battle it out with 2 qualifiers from the North and South of Ireland in the pressure cooker venue. The Event runs the weekend of the 6th and 7th January 2018. 5k the winner.

The Seniors Masters will take place one week before BetFred World Championships, at the most famous venue of all, The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. 2 lucky qualifiers will get the chance to play in the one table set up at the games most hallowed venue. 6 legends will be there trying to stop one of them lifting the trophy under the lights on the 12th April.

Every Amateur player over the age of 40 will get 16 chances to get to a final event, qualifiers are being held in all 4 Home Nations as well as Southern Ireland and China. If you are 39 now but turn 40 before the first days play of the qualifier you’ve entered you are eligible too.

There is now prize money on offer for all winners of a qualifier and the launch of the official world senior’s rankings.

Plus any player who makes a ‘147’ maximum break at any of the final stage events will win a Kia Sportage KX4 car worth over £30,000. Courtesy of Victor Wood Kia (Grantham)

Launch dinners will be held the day before the first days play at all events, Golf days will be held at the UK, Worlds and Seniors Masters.

Full details of how to enter and where the qualifiers are being held can be found on the snooker legends website.

For all media and press enquiries please contact

Here is the full calendar:

World Seniors Tour Calendar 2017/18

Seniors 2017:18 Calendar

3 thoughts on “The Seniors Tour 2017/18

  1. HI Monique i agree with you like you say Hendry White and Ken Doherthy are a big
    draw in the Senior Tour and they will bring more snooker fans to watch the Senior
    players play on this Tour

    Well at least they are doing something for the lesser senioir players to make some
    money on this Tour

  2. HI yes its good for the older players to get revenues who have retired from
    the Pro Snooker Events

    However i think that players like Stephen Hendry Ken Doherthy and also
    Jimmy White should not be allowed to play in the Senior Events because it
    takes away money from the lesser players such as Cliff Thorburn Joe Johnson etc

    Thanks Mr Cornell

    • Allow me to disagree with you here Mr Cornell. First to suppose that they will automatically win is being mislead. Indeed Hendry was competing in the World Seniors last season and he barely scraped past Aidan who is a club player and didn’t reach the final. He can’t play that well anymore. Of Course Jimmy and Ken are still active on the Main Tour although as wildcards because they were both relegated last May. So they are in fact amateurs, not full-fledged pros. They can only enter events if some pros don’t. But there is more: all three provide a big attraction factor, they will draw the paying public, and also attract sponsors and media attention. So indeed it’s players like them who make the project viable and hugely contribute to bring in the money from which everyone benefits.

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