The World Open replaces the Shanghai Masters in the calendar

As confirmed by World Snooker in this article

But, there is, maybe, still hope for the Shanghai Masters, by far the favourite China tournament with many players.

Tuesday 11 Jul 2017 05:01PM

The World Open ranking event will take place in Yushan, China, in September with record-equalling prize money.The tournament will run from September 18-24.The total prize money for the event is £700,000 with a top prize of £150,000, matching the China Championship and International Championship as the ranking events outside the UK with the highest prize money.The World Open qualifying round, using a flat 128-player draw, will run from August 6 to 9 in Preston with the winners going through to Yushan in the Jiangxi Province. As standard for ranking events in China, certain matches will be held over to the final venue. The Chinese wild cards who enter at the 128 stage will also have their matches held over.The final stages will be televised by broadcasters including CCTV and Eurosport.The Shanghai Masters has been a fantastic tournament for many years and World Snooker is still in discussions with the Shanghai promoter about continuing the Shanghai Masters in a different format later in the season.The World Open took place in Yushan last year, won by Ali Carter.

2 thoughts on “The World Open replaces the Shanghai Masters in the calendar

  1. I think Shanghai Masters is (was) better than China Open!
    Top players entered not skipping due to the World Championship, some close and dramatic finals, better audience I think, etc etc…

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