China Championship 2017 – Ronnie books his place in the QF in no time

Ronnie beat Graeme Dott by 5-0 in no time at all this evening (afternoon in Europe). The first frame saw both players struggle and there were many errors on both sides. But Ronnie took it and from there it was one way traffic!


Here is the report on Worldsnooker:

Saturday 19 Aug 2017 02:52PM

Ronnie O’Sullivan needed less than an hour to beat Graeme Dott 5-0 and reach the quarter-finals of the Evergrande China Championship in Guangzhou.

O’Sullivan fired breaks of 78, 75, 62 and 139 as he won in 59 minutes to book a meeting with Luca Brecel.

It was a very good crowd, they come here for entertainment and I want to put a smile on people’s faces,” said O’Sullivan, chasing his first ranking title in 18 months. “It’s important for me to show people what I can do. I play to enjoy it and hopefully everyone else does. I like to play quickly, make breaks and play the first shot I see without thinking too much. When I do that I enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. Now the match is over I am happy to have won.

“I want to play the way that allows me to enjoy the game, and tomorrow will be the same.”

Thanks to Tai Chengze for more great images

And you can enjoy the match (again) here:

4 thoughts on “China Championship 2017 – Ronnie books his place in the QF in no time

  1. Hi caci, yes that’s me indeed. Ronnie wanted the previous forum closed when I alerted him about how his then manager was trying to use it to make money out of the fans.
    I agree, Ronnie hasn’t played great, but actually none of them has, not consistently anyway. So I guess the conditions must be tricky for some reason.
    My PhD was about “designs” in finite geometries.

  2. Greetings to all snooker fans, wherever you are, from all sides of the planet, great blog!

    Does any of you know maybe in what upcoming ranking events for this season (2017/2018) will Ronnie participate, in September/October ?

    Thanks in advance

      • Hi Monique,

        As far as i can remember, based on the picture from your current username here, you are probably the same person that was in charge and was administrating the previous Ronnie’s website, before it went down, am i correct ?!
        I wasn’t very active there but was using that previous website occasionally for anything related to Ronnie -news, tournament schedules etc….

        I am a big fan of Ronnie and snooker in general, from Macedonia.

        Regarding the latest and ongoing tournament in China, Ronnie so far has played just average, most of the time. Against Sam, in the first round he was so-so, the match with Gilbert, both of them struggled and were mediocre, it was very painful even to watch, like they were competing who will miss more easy balls, Gilbert had many chances for sure and i am really surprised that he didn’t manage to beat Ronnie this time in such terrible form, to punish him.. ….against Dott, Ronnie played very well, but to be honest Graeme missed lots of easy opportunities in the first 3 frames….so the challenge for Ronnie is yet to come on this tournament, although many of the top10 players are already eliminated, Mark Williams or Murphy/Carter are all very capable, and that should be a great final, i hope !

        Monique, what was your Phd about and in what branch of mathematics ?


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