World Open 2017 – Ahead of the Final


It will be Kyren Wilson vs Ding Junhui in the Final tomorrow as these were today’s results.

Kyren Wilson has been extremely impressive in this tournament so far. His semi final against Mark Allen was a high quality affair and couldn’t be any closer. Yesterday he had beaten Mark Williams by 5-1, in a match that saw 4 centuries and a 78 and was remarkable by the fact that in every frame, one of the players remained potless. Indeed Kyren scored 503 points without reply.

Ding Junhui came back from 3-1 down to beat Li Hang by 5-3 yesterday and, today, was always in front in his match against Luca Brecel. Both players made some unexpected errors and, of course, Ding is always under huge pressure when playing in China. The expectations on his shoulders are immense.

So who will win? Well I have no clue. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “World Open 2017 – Ahead of the Final

  1. I always wonder what would happen if Ronnie didn’t destroy Ding at the Masters 10 years ago.

    He is ‘just’ 30 years old and looks very good to win the World Open his 13th ranking title.
    I’m sure he will win at least 20 ranking titles.

    • That’s a good question indeed, although I’m not sure it was the way Ronnie won that hurt Ding the most. I believe that the circumstances before and during the match were a bigger factor. Ronnie was in trouble, he had walked out of his match against Stephen Hendry just the month before and he hadn’t played that well in the tournament. He had beaten Ken Doherty but only just in the QF, and in the SF both him and Maguire had played terrible. Ding, on the contrary, had been excellent. Ding was only a very young man then, and very shy. He wasn’t the kind to boast, but, that time he had “warned” his opponent that he could play even better. The quotes marks around “warned” are added by me because that’s how the media reported it, but TBH, it’s very out of character for Ding to speak that way. Whatever, it had been reported all over the press. And then, in the final, despite playing well, Ding got completely outplayed. At a point he was on 97% pot success and still trailing heavily. A lot was said about the abuse he got from the crowd, allegedly from Ronnie fans, and he did get abuse, but the worst of it actually came from Chinese fans who, I guess, had been betting heavily on him to win and got angry. It was a big blow to Ding’s pride and confidence.

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